Child Falla Gozalbo-Altea

"The right measure"

Artist: Iván Tortajada.

Prize: 2nd special section.

Cost: 20.000 Euros.

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The units of measurement are essential in the Central Market. Pes, speed, bytes .. And the man as the measure of all things.


"In 1875 the metric system was created in Paris, because it was fair and accurate a universal measure."

foot as measure

"It is very unpleasant but there is no choice but heed the honorable, and to serve the foot of the king to create this Renaissance instrument."


"In ancient Egypt, for all architecture, finger, hand or elbow of Pharaoh was the measuring unit of this unique region."

tightrope walker

"Balance is the virtue among too much and too little. The tightrope walker in height looking for the right measure."

boy with cow in arms

"Ya got me tired, I can not follow your steps and ... you're heavier than a cow in arms!!."

the light

"To measure the speed we have good reference. It is the light quickly which with more power is leading this singular race."

turtle and snail

"A snail will speed of 2.8 millimeters per second. A turtle is going at a speed of 70 meters per hour."

Mozart running

"The sound velocity is 343 meters per second. The level of intensity of sound is measured in decibels.
                     Mozart, representing the sound, also runs in this unique marathon."

chickens and vegetables

"In the central market of Valencia, the most beautiful in all of Europe, you can buy excellence, and in the right measure."


"In the Muslim era. The Almotacín was responsible for controlling weights and measures of objects, fruits and vegetables in any market."


"Almost the first human way to easily calculate the weight was the 'Steelyard', this curious instrument."


"Time is a great mystery for young and old, the hours seem like minutes and minutes that last for hours."


"The yaya makes Sunday paella proudly because everyone eats, and it's best done by eye out.
                         Weigh eye. It is not worth a weight or a scale, the grandma is an expert cook, with full confidence weighs to eye, her way."

translation and rotation

"The translational movement is one year. The rotation movement lasts a day."

Newton in the toilet.

"The force is measured in Newtons. May the force be with you ... To the young Newton have caught sitting on the toilet, in a delicate situation that requires force and concentration."

pinocho and alice.

"A nose that grows with lies, Alicia big as a house, everything out of their measures ... what happens here!."

Mermaid with little fishes

"Many times the siren to the fisherman has had to scold, let fish grow and live in the seabed!. "
                         "Have a good attitude, it is forbidden to catch fish if they do not have enough length and are very small."

dragon and cold.

"The thermometer. The dragon gives fire and the temperature rises. If with cold you drop mucus you might have fever."

the flood

"It rained nonstop in excessive form night and day, the boy pointing with hand a historical level to where the flood came, far above him."

girl with leafs

"The world's resources must be spent very carefully so we enjoyed all in the right measure."


Equivalence. 1dm3=1 liter. 1dm3=1kg. Cubic meter =m3.

girl taking water

"The girl wants to measure how much water has fallen, for that must be used, the volume as magnitude."