Child Falla Gaeta-Farnals


Artista: Julio Monterrubio.

Premio: 3rd Special Section y 3rd de ingenio y gracia.

Coste: 25.000 Euros.

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"Soy Mizuki, una joven del Japón. Mi tierra tiene muchos parecidos con la vuestra. Los dos miran al mar, de cara al levante, allá donde nace el sol."


"El Japón de Mizuki. Del lejano oriente, cultura, tradición y fiesta, Mizuki viene".

"Konichiwa! Hola! decimos en nuestra casa. Bienvenida!".


"El Garden-Net. From the living garden, happier than a chard, Well-Rest."

"El Garden-Net. Live facing the sea, has not won for hairdressers, blows Good-Air."


"The Garden-Net. From the land is born, he and she together and rooted, Bon-Sai my love!."

rising sun

"The rising sun. Horizon, a baby with diapers flames, to take a bite."


"The crane. Higher than you, faithful, courageous and loyal, imperial crane."

blue dragon

"The blue dragon. Save the east, blue dragon like blue water, spring brings."

sumo fighters

Lemon Sumo and Orange sumo (juice). "Citrus combat. Couple of giants facing they hug. How many juice will they extract?."

man playing flute

"Shiri-Miter. From the quiet east, what choice does he has? flageolet and patience."

traditional medicine

"Doctor-Siatsu. A finger, force of nature, that the girl has pain!."

"Doctor-Siatsu. Ancient wisdom in fingers and hands, digital medicine?."

boy with kite

"More-Konfortable-no. Fish in the air, kites color, father, mother, and two."

"More-Konfortable-no. Family of fish in the feast of children, they have made."

kite and samurai spiders

"offshore wind raises colorful kites and the boy".

"From a thin thread, hanging bat in combat, spiders samurai.".

lolitas on the bridge

"Lolitas are, ties dresses, dolls play."


"Khita-See. Winds from outside, short skirt and leggings fashion. tribe kogals."

girls on the  bridge

"Khina-look. Khina-fear. Ganguro in front! kilo and a half of makeup that you can stick."


"Nimira Mirall(mirror). Plastic notebook, accessories paint and decorate top".

man doing selfie

"Totshoi machina. He has done a self-portrait, stick ...a stick".


"A Samur,Ai. Tiger or cat, sharp nails, scrapbook".

"Un Samur,Ai.A bestial warrior, makes scream the opponent, a samurrr, aaaaiiii!".

boy with computer

"Disinfected and clean, little buttons 'to shit' will be needed?".

sakura tree

"The Sakura. The flowering trees, white flakes of perfume, good cherries have!".


"Bunraku's act. From dry wood, theatrical souls make jokes".


"International Love. Land juice, lover of a sailor, our clementine".


"International Love. She comes by boat, Satsuma his name, tattooed love".

girl blows cranes

"A crane for peace. Flying cranes, from the hand of a girl .. and life".

girl blows cranes

"Hiroshima never more. Never from the sky, the black rain has to spill, peace triumphs".