Falla Exposición-Mascó

"What is your price?"

Artist: Paco Giner.

Prize: 4th Special Section.

Cost: 101.000 Euros.

Height:16 metres.

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"What we would be willing to pay for being the most desired person in the world? and the richest and most powerful? and you'd pay to have eternal life?.
What is the price the beautiful girl pays for being the prettiest and most desirable? She will attract beasts she doesn't want to. That will be her price"

"When ambition becomes greed? When we desire unceremoniously? What would we be willing to do to get what we want?"

"Prostrate at the feet of this sweetness and rendered by the beauty, he can not do anything other than watch her with his eyes lit."

"Persuaded by two Templar Knights the lady blush with so much adulation. They lead by evil paths, she wanted only to capture their attention."

"All will give in exchange for being the most beautiful and always will ambition to be the most desirable. Now between evil creatures dance: What a devilish situation!."

vampire and beauty

"Terribly charming out of the darkness of night, he focuses his eyes on the beautiful young woman who end up in the arms of vampire."

"She who could choose for its beauty, the mildest of all knights. He will fly her to a place she does not expect to satiate his perverse thirst."

general artur mas

"The policy is constantly evolving, but in the middle is always the money. The same stories changed name, which was formerly dandruff, now is caste."

<-----Artur Mas.

"Pure pride, as we all know, capital sin. In this he wanted to turn Barcelona into the capital of the 'whole world'."

"He feels born leader of a great nation, great pretensions of this character, look at the globe with devotion, but this film has run out shooting."

"He wanted to do a great empire, but not many have supported him. Make Catalonia a great nation, he has put the cart before the horse."

"A 'Great Dictator' here you see, conqueror of Europe from his reign. It seems that it is a bit difficult, he need for sure the 'Dragon Balls'."

young beauty

"With celestial face and angel wings this young woman has won heaven. Do not make it easy for the beasts, that will not stop until have cheated her."

"It's great what we feel when we are curious to have available and get what you've always wanted."

"Everything is bought and everything is sold without limits if we propose. What we would be willing to offer? How much is what we want?."

Seven capital sins

anger and lust

Anger. "If we think about things that make us angry we can come to a conclusion, we sometimes well justifie ANGER as a means of communication."

Lust. "Always with sex and party LUST has been linked, and although not all fall, certainly all have desired."


Laziness. "Laziness is a cardinal sin that many have been forced to commit. The employment situation is very loose and that's one thing we all have to admit."


Pride. "The haughty believes that the he is the best and remember always it without fear, does not realize that of all, the worst is not acknowledge mistakes."


Greed. "Beware of gluttony, it is a pleasure you have to know to control, and now, with modern kitchen where eating is with caviar price."

Avarice and envy

Avarice. "They say that this bag is broken, GREED is not only to desire. If perhaps ambition is not bad, remember that not in excess."

Envy. "Between ourselves and with complete normality ENVY is the word we use. We are not afraid to say that we feel it and adding 'healthy' in front, we justify."


"Buy what you want lady, do not need to pay me now. At the store of the temptations the thing will turn out rather expensive."

"Fragrances and magic potions, concoctions of love or eternal life, this mysterious and devious man offers us in this tavern."

"Everyone wants what does not have, and the more we have the more we desire. Temptation can beat us and we mortgaged for life."

"You can not negotiate the price but maybe split it. Go slowly with what we want because debts can be inherited."

Raphael, cher and Hurtado

"Here we see 'Mi Gran NoCher'. It seems that denies the singer Raphael, but what he really means is that surely, leaves her trembling."

"The great Raphael and dear Cher have agreed with the devil himself. In exchange for success and recognition, now they have been for heritage."

"Elegance and charm supernatural, eternal youth in pure essence, the undisputed idol of young and old, music in the ears that lasts forever."

"Greatest Hits, will be the promise and for many years! But in exchange and with small print, nocturnal beings must be."

"Divine and sensual diva here, who by pocket, chance or fate, not age naturally, is a benchmark among the female audience."

Jordi Hurtado
"On television is for an eternity, 20 years doing 'knowledge and win. " It is not known who will be agreed, is Jordi Hurtado, the immortal."

"Among all they have been sickened the welfare state. Our economy has a high fever. Anyone who thinks that is without sin cast the first stone."

"Band ofimpartiality in his eyes has cost many struggles and efforts. But with one eye can see, when they put money, the most powerful."

"The people are always the most affected by the different corruption cases. The tax money disappear, we need a solution soon."

"And no matter the political party and what is the degree of confidence, everyone someday we can put to one side or the other of the balance."

"Imposing lady always charged with responsibility. Complicated task that has when the policy has focused."

wedding between young and old

"This unconvinced guy takes the rigns with his mouth open, business is an hour away, the 'credit cards' are on sale!."

"He says he marries for love. She sees only in the interior. Each sees his own interest, this wedding smells a little."

"It is the most desired city guy and all want him as a couple. She seduced him with her charms, he has used the wallet rather than the breast."

"It is increasingly difficult to believe in true love. People who agrees now, or for money or pleasure."

"The bells of the church, this 'spunky' will no longer escapes. For much time she is not with a man, not wearing 'viagra' in the wallet."

adán, eve and the snake

"Adam and Eve are in paradise, naked and without instructions,how will do the two to avoid all temptations."

"This young couple naked, left the virginal world, as we all do, but criticized by the famous original sin."

"They say it was the temptation of a snake, or apple Eve ate first. Surely shame that made them to cover with a leaf of apple."

"Snake cursed and demonized, center and source of all sins, appeared one day in paradise, to make everyone be baptized at birth."