Falla Cuba-Azorín

"Shut up, scoundrel"

Artist: Carlos Carsí.

Prize: 1st Special Section and 1st of talent and grace.

Cost: 105.000 Euros.

Height:17 metres.

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"The art of pyrope and consequences of misuse. The person who for the first time said a compliment to another began one of the most ingrained habits in humans."

"To speak of pyrope we will meet Giacomo Casabona, good boy of the district of Horta and funny seductive, of great hair and nice body.
He with his writer 'Lo Fava', the guy of the nose, and Tonito 'the renice', sets out to seduce the three daughters of 'Lluç Sangonera': Figuereta, Figonna, Figamolla.
the guy is a champion and wants to make a hat-trick, a hole in one, a triple, ... wants a threesome, and makes the most beautiful compliments in the World."

"The Count, seeing the scene, wants to use the sickle with the skillful seducer, but the unexpected happens: to grandma, Figamustia, wants mambo with the seducer."

"On top Lluç Sangonera very troubled father, sees the scene so tacky, that naturally, has pissed off. This parent has the outburst, seeing the predator, and almost bust when listening to 'writer'. The conclusion already chisels when the decided father wants to pass the sickle to that bastard guy."

"The three damn sisters, are the object of desire. Figuereta is the most beautiful, is Figerona, regular, Figamolla also gets ... well nobody wants to flirt with her!.
Completing the trio have here as a suitor to grandma, which is eternal, and carries the theme very hot."

writer and daughter in love

"Verses to flirt by 'The fava' writer of Casabona.
Are the three very pretty sisters, and I will be very happy ... me whowver i click!."

"You're rotund and subtle Figamolla, as you see you also increases my 'blister'!".

daughter in love

"You're very pretty, sweet Figuereta, so much that down here the thing squeezed me!".

daughter in love

"You're the envy of the world, great Figonna, you're ugly .. but you are very good!".


"Behold here also your grandma, she goes a little hot and with Malayan fever!".

ducks and rockets

"The pyrope can be fire when want a win to eat an apricot within the amatory fight.
The effect should be scenic and love has to inflame, with a verb like fireworks, which in the tongue has to burn.
But go cautiously and measures accurately the word, which can come ignition, if you're going to get caught meowed".

birds with water

"The emphasis here my friend, can be a bad counselor because it is a mess and arouses laughter.
If you're of a pick and shovel and do not stop talking alone you can stay. For more things that you say, just want to escape overwhelmed from the fatigue and NO say .. and fly!."

fihserman and blind

"In life of compliment have , you know, one that stands out, people always said it.
The play begins when 'good girl!' shout and answers with the slap that resonates throughout the air.
Simply by being honest, it's worse, to listen down the street ... If I catch, I f** you!."

politicinas in wc

"The politician wants to flirt if he cans, make an 'act' and 'pyrope' usually throw when looking for a deal.
Ximo Puig leaves note in the courts within the service where the to Monica says a compliment that is vice.
The compliment given she does not like, she says' if you want Generalitat the compliment is President".

child in floater

"Here you see throwing messages of the Valencian land with compliments. The child is our party that here sends compliments to some people who that hate us and keeps us cowering.
The breed Valenciano is 'courting' as you will see and loses the whole mouth as is gross a lot".

"From the work receives compliments that Runner does not answer and they 'allegre ma non troppo' continue with the party.
The girl who hallucinates with the neighborhood, even the grandpa, my god! he almost is dazed.
What happens is that she keeps what seems, a great secret, and in the short carries what looks like a great package...".

"In this fish store the product is past, but the son of Mary is very handsome.
He does serve its glibness to sell all the fish, because people stay in dazed and does not notice.
The pyrope to the client does not fail to this guy and with so much hot even the panties lost!".

pigs with floaters

"Both love our mood tends to show at the end, a good point of sentimentality, the spicier side.
Pyrope raises the tone and it is said almost daily, resulting that's the good if it is also Thug.
What makes me laugh is reality and arouses laughter, so has been portrayed in the scene of this falla".