Child Falla Ciscar-Burriana

"The albufera, a unique setting"

Artist: Bernardo Estela.

Prize: 7th special section.

Cost: 21.000 Euros.

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"The most important and beautiful natural setting of Valencia."

"With fishermen of fish and eels. With rice farmers. With the various birds. With the barracas and El Palmar. Take pretty pictures and eat a paella."

"Wearing costumes and combs you find them at all hours, by boat in the water and on the banks enjoying their reports."

"The light makes every day the natural parks, ideal for pictures."

falleros on boat

"Falleros and falleras don't lose the occasion and on top of a boat, pose in a thousand ways."

"Under the charm of a big red sun, very friendly albufera provides us a unique setting that fills us all with joy."

"The fauna of the Albufera, as you can see and it is true, hardly is exceeded, from the leech and worm to the heron and duck."


"The fisherman from Palmar wanted to throw the cane and show us how he manages to be able to eat today."

"Here the children waiting at the pier about to do, rapt love, a walk along the lagoon."

"A teacher tells them it is rather natural setting, main reserve and must keep it alive."

"From the famous 'all i pebre' (garlic and pebre) to authentic paella, loosen the buckle and don't make any usually disappoint."

"It is part of the ritual when you come to spend the day, try the most typical and ancestral gastronomy."

"Also the adults take advantage with a modern photographer, whether in summer or winter, to do a 'book' they meet."

"Now we find portrayed in another classic image, smiling under the sky, two young lovers."

portraits of albufera

"Falls in love with the lagoon in a second with its beauty, if you have not done an idea, this picture is worth a world!."


"Appears on the scene a farmer smiling and cheerful intones a chant, full of grace tells us how he lives."

farmer resting

"I work more than donkeys, but love work, and come fat or thin carry the bags full of pure happiness."