Falla Cadarso Altea

"Festum Bacchus"

Artist: Manuel Algarra.

Prize: 7th Special Section.

Cost: 90.000 Euros.

Height:17 metres.

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"Bacchus, god of wine, the vineyard and the mystical delirium, shows us the way of the life cycle of the fruit, in different seasons of the year."

"Spring: childhood, young wine. Of the vineyard will hundreds of small buds.
Summer: Youth. Crianza wine. Tiny green berries appear.
Fall: Maturity. Reserve wine. When the leaves are already orange, grape begins to become wine.
Winter: retirement. Great Reserve. The vineyard has no activity, lethargic, let pass the cold winter."

"Este mundo de seres mortales mira Bacchus sensual, enviándonos muchos placeres que son gozo del personal, celebrando la bacanal".

spring and summer

Spring and summer.

police and mayor on tricycles

"The three wise women have given him a small tricycle, driving satisfied Mr. Ribo y Canut".

"The bike has a preference, much more than the pedestrian, it has made the Joan Ribó reference vehicle".

"Ridiculous bodyguard, fast in another tricycle outside the hemicycle, pursues him like bullets".



Jordi Pujol with pigs

"Jordi Pujol, good farmer, raising seven children is dedicated, careful they do not to miss anything."

Jordi Pujol with pigs

"Pujol is my shepherd, I never miss anything, piggy bank filled with love acorns."


"Ferrusola has no vices, only informal trips to tax havens, taking the benefits."

politicians and retirees

"Their presidency ends of working age, most have known to be in good position and indecently have fun."

"While the people working they collect their profits before the 67 years as the mortal battle."

retired politicians

"ZP, Azanar and Felipe in front of Olympus of Emeritus, waiting from a VIP bench".


"To have a decent retirement in the countryside, work and industry, our people just faded, aged and indigent".


"On the black box, Fabra offers the government tray this way to the tripartite".

"Hidden quiet here, President Ximo..Fuig (fled) of Monica was anger, let alone the toupee!.


"Monica select the menu doing what he pleases, as always done what he commands, whether or not desirable".

"Montiel looks and is silent, going slowly can, and wait for the time to pull the rug".

old with boy

Pardoned ninot