Falla Antiga Campanar


Artist: Alejandro Santaeulalia.

Prize: 3rd Special Section

Cost: 170.000 Euros.

Height:21 metres.

Click this link to see Video of falla Antiga Campanar

"As in the story of Sleeping Beauty, Maleficent takes over the kingdom, sheltered by his army of orcs, while all its inhabitants are asleep".                          

" Only a few characters have kept awake and not give up in their fight against evil. ."

"Our Valencian politicians, abandoning their evil attitude, Valencia 2016 have nominated the capital of silk"

evil politician

"Whichever party you choose, you'll see the mess."

"Classic Malefics"

"Banks send the bogeyman, none rid of this vile attack."

"The bogeyman is hacienda today, if you try to decieve them you pay 'pledge'."

"Malefic foods."

"You shouldn't, but food is calling you, a new sacrifice for those who are tuning."

"Burgers, cakes and bakery products, not recommended but a celestial sin."

"The Others."

"The others have reached Valencia, Rita from Town Hall have evicted."

"The new tenants were the three parties and Barberá were thought to be spirits."

"Malefic High School."

"Full of evil people is the falla that bringeth wicked."

"Today ends the course for Malefics, for teachers some terrifying months."

"To do good they do not understand and evil, of course, defend."

"Malefics is not a tale and legend, is the story of a few characters who have a tremendous face hard."

"Alumnos: Rodrigo Rato, Jordi Pujol, Luis Bárcenas, Juan Carlos Monedero, Cristobal Montoro, Giuseppe Grezzi, Valentino Rossi, Kim yong-Un

malefic scientist

"Malefic Experiments"

"They have made good with souped engines, German scholars who seemed prepared."

"Artur my favorite villain and catalinions."

"In Spain we have very assumed, Artur Mas is your favorite villain."

"Junqueras is the scientist this story, annihilating Spain, would be touching the glory."

"The question of the Catalans we are clearly gets out of hand."

"The Catalinions stretch insistently and not stop until gaining independence."

"Feeling Spanish is not fashionable, between Más and Rajoy will be no wedding."

witches   put rajoy in the cauldron

"Incantations of Soraya, Cospedal and Espe."