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Videos and pictures of the main Fallas of the year 2012.

The winner was Nou Campanar, also in the infentile fallas. Second prize for Cuba-Azorin and third for the falla of Convento de Jerusalén. For the infantile fallas the second prize was for Sueca-azorín and third for Exposición-mascó.

This year special fallas decided to abolish the previous year's budget ceiling, and Nou Campanar spent 400,000 euros on their falla, double than Cadarso or Convento. However the level remains very even between the major fallas of special. Cuba-Azorin got the best rating in its history, with a second place in the big falla, and Cadarso, with a large falla that was a favorite, placed fifth. In infantile fallas was very low Na Jordana despite having the pardoned ninot, and third prize was for falla Exposición, with a nice motion falla.

Fallas valencia 2012

Fallas valencia 2012

04/May/2012 Videos and pictures of falla Nou Campanar and Cuba-Azorín.
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April/2012 Videos and pictures of falla Na Jordana, Exposición-Mascó and Cadarso-Altea.

April/2012 Videos and pictures of falla Merced, falla Pilar, Antiga Campanar, Regne Valencia and Sueca-Azorín

April/2012 Videos and pictures of falla Convento Jerusalen, Ayuntamiento and other sections.

March/2012 Pictures and Videos of the Ninot exposition. Two videos of mascletás .



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