2nd Prize


Artist:Pere Baenas . Cost: 204.000 € Height: 21 metres.

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It's carnival and everybody disguise for not being recognized, as it happens in many real life situatuons. There are wolves with lamb skin, Valencia disguiseed for the America's cup.

the artis that the previous year had a well deserved third price with Falla Exposición, was contracted by Falla El Pilar for this year and they achieved a good second prize. They felt this prize as if they have won, because they know that nou campanars was going to be the winner and they passed Convento which had double budget than Pilar. a good falla well presented and balenced, with good central figures and well made scenes.


  Bullfighter disguise his car with the killing junks.
Toucans are parting
Pilar. 2nd prize
bullfighter tunning his car

  although the monkey wear silk ...
The day of the fashion (agatha ruiz), day of the work "as much he has ensure himself that he cannot work and finishes suffocate ".
although the monkey wear silk
day of the fashion and day of the work
Pilar. 2nd prize

  Diary of dirt.
People with lot of cheek, snails
diary if dirt
Pilar. 2nd prize

  Beer diet. "since there is drought, the water is going to be scarce, the diet of the beer begins, rolls of fat everywhere"
"It is left all apparent at the sight of people, although it needs an urgent repair".
beer diet
look like

  Valencia and america in the same ship.
"All (Fallas) dance calmly while time pass, but when March arrive, the war begins "
Falla antiga lowers in the presence of Nou Campanar. The new rich got a dress made of notes.
Azorín is dating with a Swedish (for Sueca-Azorín) and a cuban (for Cuba-Azorín)
america and valencia
fallas sueca y cuba-azorin
fallas antiga y nou campanar

  Falla Convento fights with Nou Campanar.
Falla Pilar. "falla pilar, fun-loving, also wants to win".
falla convento
falla pilar
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