13º Prize


Artist:L. Palacio y J.Serra Cost: 123.000 € Height: 18 metres.

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----Amb una bona cervessa (with the help of a good beer). History of civilizations would have been different without the discovering of the beer.

A part of this Falla could not be seen well because there were some loosenings of a property in ruins and the access to the lateral of the falla was closed. The Child falla in previous years was much better than normal falla. This year was the opposite and child falla was of much lower level.


Merced, 13 prize
building a falla skillfully
Merced, 13 prize

  Medieval monks, with secret formulas, give the beer an special tocuh. "We will frighten the spirits with beer of barrel as if they were mosquitos of the month of April".
Even oriental people drink beer. "we will try with the beer and we will forget a little the tea, because for the Chinese culture going on is what we need".
monks and beer
beer in orient

  Pirates discover that, with the beer, their nights of friendship with bucaneers end in the arms of 'summer rose'.  
pirates discovering beer
pirates discovering beer


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