5º Prize


Artists:J. Latorre y G. Sanz Cost: 192.000 € Height: 18 metres.

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Life is an eternal fight for reaching our goals and, only if you reach them, you'll find the satisfaction. Conquers and conquests have been before, now and ever...

This falla changed the artis of the previous year, when they won the thrid prize and this year they got the fifth, but it was still a quite good Falla, with nicely made funny scenes.


Exposición, 5º prize
to the conquest
Exposición, 5º prize

  Detais of the central figure, and night view.
The conquest of the jury that gives the prizes of Fallas. "no comments". Everything is given to the jury in order to gain a good prize.

central figure
central figure
conquest of the jury
Picture by Alsa.

  The natural born conqueror.
The conquest of the prize, presidents of fallas fighting each other in order to conquer the first prize. In the top of the stairs "Jaunito Colón" stands for Jaun Armiñana the president of Falla Nou Campanar, stands as the winner.
natural born conqueror
conquest of the prize

  The conquerors offering trinkets.
The conqueror of the reconquest, the king Jaime I "the conqueror ", applied for the pardoned ninot, and got the thrid place. It was very well done but was a very classical composition.

conquerors offering trinkets
Jaime I The conqueror

  The conquest of the space for living.
This man is con-quiste(with cyst)
The conquest of the top of the mountain to enjoy the sights. Funny details with the mountaineers, the goat on the top and the form of the mountain.
conquest of the space
con-quiste(with cyst)
conquest of the top of the mountain

  The conquest of the audience. With ninots of presenters from the Canal9 regional tv channel.
The conquest of the gay marriage.

conquest for the audience
conquest of the gay marriage

  Last update: April 2006
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