3rd Prize


Artist:Paco López . Cost: 470.000 € Height: 28 metres.

Versión en Español Versión en Español
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mas fotos  
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A very old married couple celebrate their 50 anniversary of their wedding.

Very nice Falla with scenes quite well done and funny, the theme is well developed. About the world of the weddings with several points of view,rural, sofisticated...


  She's taking him in her arms, both showing an smile of satisfaction for the "duty fulfilled".  
Convento Jerusalén, 3rd prize
Convento Jerusalén, 3rd prize
taking hime in her arms

Convento Jerusalén, 3rd prize
Convento Jerusalén, 3rd prize
Convento Jerusalén, 3rd prize

  Night views of this falla. Pictures by Alsa.  
Convento Jerusalén, 3rd prize
Convento Jerusalén, 3rd prize

  In the celebration there are present too the priest, the children of then, now they have grown, the altar boy and those that carry the rings  
priest and altar boy
a boy of then
a girl of then

  Cupid have also grown.
"In the menu digestive substances are chosen that cost much money and are not always visible."
"If it's a desing cuisine and the dish is small, you'll yawn like a cat and say goddbye to a kidney.
wedding menu

  The wedding dress .
"Jony Bow is a fashion designer whose name has consolidated filling of bows each square centimeter"
"When seeing the price of the dress the father of the bride almost suffers a heart attack"
The gay wedding.
"The picture confirm that the pair in this occasion, it is not the permanent union of a female and a man ".
The tuna
"This tuna is formed by everlasting applicant to an unfinished degree and the elders of the faculty"

fashion designer and wedding dress
gay marriage
la tuna
mas fotos

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