12º Prize


Artist: Jordi Fresquet. Cost: 124.000 € Height: 17 metres.

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The team of humorists of the "El jueves" magazine shows us one of the Fallas 2006 challenge ships, manned by nationa, regional and local politicians. With them also appear a wide range of famous people from the yellow press.

Designed by humorist Vizcarra, from El Jueves, it's formed by caricatures of politicians and famous and scenes with characters from this satirical magazine. The caricatures are well done, characters from El Jueves not as much and the Falla is bit short for being special section.


  The ship with the Knig, Letizia and her baby Leonor in her arms.
In the stern, national and regional politicians: Zapatero, Margall y Rovira.
Falla Carlos-Chiva 12º prize
The Jueves cup:2006

  Famous in the paper ship, with Jesulín de Ubrique (bullfighter), Pantoja (singer), and Alba duchess.  
Falla Carlos-Chiva 12º prize
Falla Carlos-Chiva 12º prize

  the couple lives in a 30 square metres apartment. The water that doesn't arrives. Characters from Forges. Clara and Tato playing golf.  
La parejita
there isn't water
Clara and Tato playing golf

  Curro Corner searching for an sponsor in the president of the richest falla, Nou Campanar.
Ortega and Pacheco in the AVE that doesn't go on.
Pedro Pico and Pico Vena decorating the City Hall.
Curro Corner
Ortega y Pacheco
Pedro Pico y Pico Vena

  Martinez El Facha and Torrente protesting for the nuisance of the falla. Makinavaja and friends.
Martinez El Facha

  More characters from El Jeuves and local politicians: Rita and regiaonal politicians: Camps.
Falla Carlos-Chiva 12º prize

  Last update: April 2006
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