Artis: Ramón Espinosa. Cost: 190.000 € Height: 25 metres.

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Inspired by the famous John Lennon's song. The mother observes her son while imagines the wished world for him: a healthful world, with leafy forests and seas without contamination, a world without wars.


  The central figure underwent the attack of vandals who burned the part of the head and the boy in arms and seriously damaged the African woman. The head and the boy were recovered in less than a week, but with some differences in the colour and imperfections in the hand, that they had to cover with blue fabric.  
City council falla. Imagine
City council falla. Imagine
City council falla. Imagine

  More pictures, thanks to Alsa for sharing them  
setting up the falla
City council falla. Imagine
City council falla. Imagine

  Particularly each one imagines several things, dating with a top model, everybody helps at home  
City council falla. Imagine
dating with a top model
imagine everybody helps at home


imagine a world without movil phones, imagine he's contracted by Valencia Football Club.

imagine a world wothout mobil phones
imagine he's contracted by valencia fc

  Nowadays Sorolla would paint the new citizens of valencia, John Lennon wouldn't have been shot what would he sing? perhaps an enchanted world of peace, love and harmony. John leaves us a message that we all like "imagine people living in a world peacefully"  
City council falla. Imagine
the message of John lennon

  imagine that we have a prodigy children school
prodigy boy,Almodovar
prodigy boy
prodigy boy, Berlanga

  Last update :April 2006.
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