fallas 2000
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Pictures of Fallas of the year 2000. It's a set of 22 pictures being the best are from the winner oif that year, Falla Convento de Jerusalén.
falla convento jerusalén
In the 2000 edition the winner was Falla Convento de Jerusalén.
falla valencia
On the right one scene from this falla.
detail of falla
falla na jordana
The second prize and the price for the most hilaruous falla was for Na Jordana. It was very original and funny, but not as well done as the winner.

na jordana
second prize
An atomic explosion causes mutations on animals.
premio ingenio y gracia
More details of this falla.
na jordana
falla merced
Falla de Pza Merced, got the indulted ninot, picture on the right.
falla ayuntamienfo
City hall falla is always one of the biggest and better fallas, despite is out of contest.

On the right side, falla Cadarso-Altea after the moor parade that always organize this falla.
falla pilar
On the left Falla Plaza del Pilar it was also good, but not as good as the previous year.

Falla de Cuba-Buenos Aires was special section this year and could have win a good prize but wen it was set up the wind broke some parts of the trees that formed the central figure.
falla cuba
Child falla Na-Jordana, Cuba-BuenosAires and Mercado-Central (from left to right)
child falla na jordana falla infantil mercado central
Some pictures here of mascletas on the streets of valencia, on the left at Zapadores falla and on the center and right mascleta at the ruzafa market.
mascleta ruzafa
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