Falla Cuba-Azorín


Artist: Vicente Martínez Aparici.

Prize: 9th Special Section.

Cost: 187.500 Euros.

Height: 14 metres.

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"The photographic camera allows to obtain surreal images of the most relevant problems of the 21st century."

Part of the falla was planted in 2020 and had to be burned, it has not been rebuilt and only the remaining figures have been planted.

Botticelli's Venus
As we lack an acquaintance, we want to apologize, but it is that Mr. Ribó is ... disappeared. He has a very tiring job in the morning from nine to two.
Giner goes giving him a shout, and he's doing it pleased, since he wants to be known, at least in his party. And he takes advantage of this occasion by quarreling from a .. Cantó
He has joined his friends Catalá making an alliance and chewing revenge, he wants to mount a Grezzi-Leaks on him.
As he can, he is holding the jokes that come to him from the right, and that is because by staying in trunks he is teaching us ... the shame.
Sandra Gómez, hidden, with a 'thick veil' covers him, to cover his crotch and not see the ... hole.

Jose Couso murdered
The photographic machine reflects the tragic history of that terrifying reality. where the visa is a toll and thus, we pay tribute to the war.. correspondents .
Dressed as an aviator, the destructive force of war is quite happy, because it wants to change the white, since the world wants blood color and then ... paint it in black.
The juicer
Old Miguelete cannot quench our thirst, they wet us like sponges. And it is that we miss what ours and claim with a couple ... of oranges

falla Cuba-Azorín  2021

The great Dictator
He has people shaken by his dangerous dance, as he is always eager to do ... 'Charlotada'. The Grand Cross of the Dicta dOro shines above the heart.
Music has been said to always tame beasts and right off the bat in this case ... it has failed. When he begins to dance, he does nothing but overwhelm.

falla Cuba-Azorín  2021

The size
He suffers a very strong crisis and to fight, says the artist, that in the falla the size ... is not what matters.
The commission has been scared and their bodies have decomposed because by raising the budget they have planted ... half. As the solution is not found, to pay it.

The hunter
For him it is a sport to spot a prey to keep it submissive and if he wants, to give her ... death. Reasoning the abuser who always does it for love
The hunt that you see here, since time immemorial has always been taken as normal, and women for ... trophies. They are suffering violence, silenced by impotence.

The innocent believe to lead this picture ... family.
Álvarez de Toledo is going with more danger ... than a torpedo.
He guides him on García Egea, with peculiar verbiage.
Abascal, as he is so divo, he can't stand Red .

falla Cuba-Azorín  2021

The male chauvinism
It is hard to believe that like a pet every day, drop by drop, it has to drink whole.
She does not advance much or little when she makes an effort with energy because she checks every day that she does not move from the same ... place. It is very painful for her to live in a vicious circle.