Falla Convento Jerusalén


Artist: Pere Baenas.

Prize: 1st Special Section.

Cost: 210.000 Euros.

Height: 14 metres.

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"It is about unmasking all those characters who hide their true intentions behind a deceptive mask. All set in Venice and its carnival."

"To the left at the foot of the stairs an avaricious and dark man looks with contempt at the rest, always surrounded by his rats and the pests that they bring us.
Before him a lying and lazy king imprisoned by his own gluttony, seems to say that he will pay for the feast.
In the center of the staircase a beautiful lady offers her hand to a disturbing gentleman disguised as a courtier who is courting her with ignoble intentions.
Next to her the typical party lover, raises his glass."

"On the tower of the Campanile in Venice, a devil looks for sinners to take to hell. On the Basilica of San Marcos a jester raises a mask with the image of the sun."

Unmasking the...True love
How romantic Venice is, how beautiful the carnival is, but there is so much influx that there are traffic jams on the canal.
They have left their children at home and the grandchildren they are caring for, with a meager pension, for an outrageous country.
They have returned to Venice, where the heart was entrusted, fifty years of marriage, and the golden wedding is now.
In that first trip they were united by passion, now they talk about weather and take the tension.

Unmasking ... The two Spains
The two Spains marry for the good of this great nation, with attitudes that go beyond the years of separation.
The most humble solution for a broken Spain is a civil wedding, of the left and the right.
The dogs of the extremists, both on the left and on the right, pull hard on their suits, wanting to separate the brides.
Behind the mask, politics routinely fails due to radical hatred.
Politicians on both sides do not like this wedding, because they live by creating discord in us.

Unmasking the... Gender violence.
He said he will not be silent and she will not be silent anymore, justice will act for a compelling reason.
We have to unmask the violent abuser, who used to hide under the guise of a lord.
The devil causes fear to desolate families, whose hearts he has broken with depraved behaviors.
Justice must act against all violence, which tends to intimidate us with genuine indecency.

Unmasking the... Climate changeo.
The evidence does not deceive the most radical change, it is this strange gondola that appears at carnival.
If the climate continues to change Venice will be flooded, and that charming gondola will be transformed into an ark.
Climate change is reaching all parts of the world, with an enigmatic time of extreme conditions.
Coasts are devastated, forests are burned to death, water is polluted and animals are annihilated.
Meanwhile the youth, looking for a world in conditions, the climate is screwed up and the water reaches the ba...

And although they want to deceive us by saying that they intend to leave an ideal world to future generations.
It hides the mask that the human moves for money, while destroying the planet, with unconscious attitudes.
He only thinks about getting richer and making bigger fortunes by dint of destroying a planet full of rubble.
Children are the future and bring the solution: life in a purer world without pollution.

Unmasking the... Political Dancing.
The imposing masks of politicians every day are the strongest sign of their hypocrisy.
The beautiful masked balls mask falsehoods, while matching couples according to affinities.

The i-rreal family.
King Felipe and Leticia have inaugurated the dance, and an authentic gibberish begins at the congress.

Behind the mask of Iglesias the conqueror, the threat is guessed, of a 'charming' Maduro.
They insist on imitating the Venezuelan model and want to evict the Zarzuela palace.
Behind the mask, Sánchez has the reality of a Zapatero who haunts the ghosts of the past.
In the dance of arrogance, Pedro is the president and does not admit any discrepancy with the converging left.
Behind the mask of Arrimadas appears a Macron that in France sweeps from the center that now grows.

The popular president has a very alarmist speech, and begins to dance to extremist music.
Behind Casado's mask is usually the mustache of a limpet like Jose María Aznar.
They show great complicity for annoying attitudes, which they have shown lately with those who are immigrants.
Behind the mask of Santiago Abascal is Donald Trump, who is passing radical extremism.

Unmasking the... Corruption.
The banker's bell, the Eres of Andalusia, the papers of the treasurer and a president got rich.

Unmasking the... Independence.
An epidemic has infected a piece of the nation, the independence has come seeking separation.
Puigdemont de Hamelin, in Brussels guides the rats, the CDRs open the way and Junqueras cuts the cheese.
The flute player controls the indepesty rats, because the Spanish phobia makes him grind his teeth.
Venice has always suffered from the threat of the peast that rats have spread in a disastrous way.

Pardoned ninots (by imp-popular vote).
The most pestilential rats in corruption issues are the ones we now contemplate, as they come out of prison.

Unmasking the...Invasive diet.
A fattening fad has arrived in Venice, which has been unmasked as an invasive diet.
The smiling clown and a speedy delivery man bring a bad meal to children around the world.
Saturated fat pizzas and space burgers cause obesity and fatal consequences.
Kentucky chicken farms have mutated, to make their owners rich who have no dignity.
American customs have been imposed and Mediterranean food has finally been eaten.