Child Falla Ayuntamiento

"Do you know who i am?"

Artist: Ceballos and Sanabria.

Cost: 28.500 Euros.

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"Tribute to the men and women who have left their mark on the city of Valencia since its founding in 138 BC."

"It tells in a childlike way the story of those emblematic and illustrious Valencian characters, in an easily recognizable architectural setting in the city.
Also under a clear reference to the history of the city of Valencia through its different eras: Roman, Muslim, Christian-medieval illustrated, eighteenth-century regional and folk, republican, industrial, modern and cosmopolitan."

jaime I

Jaime I The Conqueror (1208-1275)
Founding King of the Kingdom of Valencia.
He was our first king named Jaime the Conqueror, strong, tall and royal knight, of our kingdom founder.

Violante from Hungary

Na Violant from Hungary (Violante from Hungary) (1215-1251)
Queen consort of Valencia.
King Jaime second wife. She was a woman of talent, who with advice from her influenced courageously, in any requirement.

Francesc Jarque

Francesc Jarque. Photographer. (1940-2016)
Close to the neorealist style, he is a photographer of our cultural heritage and a visual artist of Corpus Christi.

Pepita Samper

Pepita Samper. The 1st Miss Spain in 1929. (1908-1998)
With a cheerful smile and gaze, she won the Miss of Spain contest well named, for so much complete beauty.

Joan Milá

Captain Joan Milá.Aeronaut and acrobat. (1862-1889)
he did acrobatics as a child and became a tightrope walker who, on balloons and in flight, satisfied, did beautiful tightrope jumps.

Margarida Borrás

Margarida Borrás. Medieval transsexual. (? -1460)
Born with the name Miguel, she is a woman of feeling.
She was hanged for being a rebel of the only sex that was absent.

Anna Montañana

Anna Montañana. Basketball player. (1980-)
What a joy to hit the basket.
She played women's basketball and managed to be a star.
Female athlete? Yes of course!

Empar Iturbi

Empar Iturbi. Pianist and composer. (1898-1969)
The house full of music, since childhood, had.
And she, at the age of fifteen, made her debut playing the piano with harmony.

Margarida y Dorotea Joanes

Joan Luis Vives. Poet of the Muslim era. (1492-1540)
Great humanist and thinker, he was persecuted as a Jew, but he always showed courage with the ideas that he had written.

Margarida and Dorotea Joanes. Painters. (? -1609 and? -1613
In the father's workshop they painted altarpieces with distinction, but anonymously they worked without receiving any attention.

Joan Monleón

Joan Monleón. Actor, singer and TV presenter. (1936-2009)
"To win money, to win ..." the singing actor shouted on television to encourage people to play from the set.

Lucrecia Bori

Lucrecia Bori. Opera singer. (1887-1960)
Soprano's voice had! He sang at the Scala in Milan and enjoyed renown in New York, and with his beautiful song he triumphed.

Joaquín Sorolla

Joaquín Sorolla. Painter. (1863-1923)
All the light and all the sea captured with a single brush. And he fixed to the canvas to paint the beach with a new style.

Luis Sanchez Polak 'Tip'

Luis Sanchez Polak 'Tip'. Humorist. (1926-1999)
with a high top hat on his head and dressed in a tailcoat always in black, he was Tip with Col as a zipi-zape with an absurd humor that is joyful to us.

Regino Mas

Regino Mas. Mythical Fallas artist. (1899-1968)
He built large fallas before anyone else, with an always elegant finish and proposed every year to save the pardoned ninot.

Joanot Martorell

Joanot Martorell. Writer. (1410-1460)
Knight, by Ausias March brother-in-law, lover of battle letters, by Tirant lo Blanc remembered, because it reads like a story.

Manuela Solís. First woman graduated in medicine from the University of Valencia. (1862-1910)
She studied medicine in Valencia the first, with determination and discipline to be a pioneer doctor.

Josep Renau

Josep Renau. Painter, poster designer and photomontage. (1907-1982)
He was a committed artist.
he created posters to defend freedoms in a world on fire, seeing the murals he painted.

Concha Piquer

Concha Piquer. Singer. (1906-1990)
She was from a humble family, but, alas, like a queen she sang the song with style.
With what voice. Madredeueta!

Antoni Josep Cavanilles

Antoni Josep Cavanilles. Botanical and illustrated. (1748-1804)
He observed nature in detail because he was a good naturalist.
Of the flora and fauna culture he did with the work of an analyst.

Luis García Berlanga

Luis García Berlanga. Film director. (1921-2010)
He was a great filmmaker.
With satire and very good humor, he created "the national shotgun", a film, without a doubt, transgeorious.

María Beneyto

María Beneyto. Poet and storyteller. (1925-2011)
Strong woman in dark times she lived to dream of a more just world, not hurt by bitterness, where women and men are equal.

Santiago Calatrava

Santiago Calatrava. International architect and engineer. (1951)
He has left us a city of art dedicated to science, with large-format buildings, making Valencia more touristy.

Olga Poliakoff

Olga Poliakoff. Dance dancer and choreographer. (1921-2004)
She danced and danced gracefully, from a very young age in Paris, with a vibrant exaltation that she fully showed her charm.

Nino Bravo

Nino Bravo. Singer. (1944-1973)
She sang looking for love, with a free and powerful voice.
she left us a beautiful and sonorous song with a kiss and a growing flower.

Rosita Amores

Rosita Amores. Vedette of varieties. (1938)
Of the variety theater, she was a queen many years ago.
She sang and danced and also as an actress she did a good job!

Sabina Suay

Sabina Suay. Protector of the Holy Chalice. (? -?)
She cleaned the cathedral in turbulent times of warfare and the Chalice with mortal danger protected with great strength.

Al Russafí

Al Russafí. Poet of the Muslim era. (? -1177)
The Muslim Valencia this poet always remembered as a proud lady or land, from exile where he esteemed her.

Viria Acte y Décmo Junio Bruto Galaico

Viria Acte. Entrepreneur of the Roman Valentia. (? -90)
A statuary workshop had the wealthy city woman. Business that she ran with wisdom and dignity.

Décimo Junio Bruto Galaico. Founder of Valentia. (180-113 BC)
General and Roman consul of Galicia known, wine and Valencia founded, we owe him, therefore, great tribute.

Sor Isabel de Villena

Sor Isabel de Villena. Abbess of the Trinity and writer. (1430-1490)
Abbess of royal lineage, holy woman of great culture, a very real Vita Christi vindicates with women of height.

Carmen Alborch

Carmen Alborch. Politician and writer. (1947-2018)
With a frank and clean smile she always defended equality.
Of feminism with all the right she made a symbol of humanity.