Falla Antiga Campanar

"Hic sunt dracones"

Artist: Carlos Carsí.

Prize: 4th Special Section.

Cost: 175.000 Euros.

Height: 14 metres.

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"Laying routes and crossing oceans in search of glory always attracted adventurers of all kinds who, armed with maps, navigation charts and thirst for reward, traveled the globe without restraint."

"And where the unknown lurked, a warning was inscribed on the maps: HIC SUNT DRACONES (here are dragons).
The phrase that appeared in the famous world map globe of Hunt-Lenox, served to warn those who followed the most exotic routes that, at a certain point, the unknown, the unexpected, the unforeseen awaited them.."

Here are some sons of ... route who only seek to prey and fighting in the dispute, the loot to waste.
From different continents they only come together for the money, because peace and compliments are not typical ... of the caste!
That the meningitic pirate looks a lot like the ... politician.

From Oceania and from Europe, they come from Asia and the Orient, being as it is the bad troop of the omnipotent power.
They are buccaneer politicians who stab each other to bring in more money, embezzling and screwing it up.
Who ends up paying for it? you know, always the voter.

They follow unknown routes, as you will see, these pirates, who prove to be nerves, and mean as rats!
In the letter they have gathered to make a parliament, and the well-chosen plunder is prepared in a moment.
Jewels are always wanted, and robbed by them!

Summoned to the pirate parliament To settle the path of world looting.

falla Antiga Campanar 2021

A homemade pirate.

falla Antiga Campanar 2021

Captain of the Nao 'La Fallera'.

falla Antiga Campanar 2021

Wine tester and official sommelier.

falla Antiga Campanar 2021

In each port he usually hits a good quickey.
Neither works nor studies that he moored his boat .. at his parents' house.

falla Antiga Campanar 2021

If he cooks a chicken... will be Tikka Masala.

falla Antiga Campanar 2021

From the north KLAUS TAKECASH
His boat is from Ikea.

falla Antiga Campanar 2021

Once he said 'a beer and I'm going' and did not come back.

falla Antiga Campanar 2021

Stingy like the mother who gave birth to him.

falla Antiga Campanar 2021

From the underworld MORTIMER 'THE HALF DEAD'
So ghost and so pirate .. he must be a fallero!.

The route of equality
You see some pirates in diapers playing with the cannon, the two bomb squad making no distinction.
The barrel, which is primed, will hit a burst, rebelling with parity ... a well-shared future!
And to machismo, loaded, goes a good cannon.

The looting route
Of baggage politicians have left this country like a big cheese ... leaky, to be precise.
Meanwhile in Catalonia, Pujol makes the move, four pieces of junk put together ... a missal and many cash!
And fleeing masked you see Torra, a ex former deputy.

The rough sea pandemic left the granny adrift, who looked doubtfully towards the port.
And the sea becomes a lagoon because calm recovers, when the granny, with the vaccine, sees her grandson who is waiting for her there.
Hard and sad confinement, for the elderly, gray isolation.

The looting route
The socialist bilge now has new inhabitants, all added from the list of ministers.
And locked up you see Carmen Calvo and La Celaa, Duque, Ábalos, Redondo 'in the bottom' ... that no one forgets.
That he is handsome when he gets involved, doing things is not complicated!

The looting route
You see Pedro in the Monlcoa tavern enjoying himself a lot, being the handsome man who rules ... and what heads he tends to tear off!
The beer shared with Pablito the purple one, who lost his head one day ... and this handsome man .. he's delighted !.
In toasting he has said: 'We can ... every time there are ... less ...'.

The route of polarization
Surfing the internet you have the bloody route ... with funerary violence!
Opinions are not respected, ammunition of insults, fouls and dialogue, by the nose ... they dissipate in big slaps !.

The shit-route
To shit and not clean himself, says the specter of the pirate, because he has just found out that light ... does not come cheap!
The electrics scare the ghost of hell because the price they detail ... is as expensive as hell !.
He makes the route with a parade ... at night in off-peak time.

The Cap al Casal route
Ribó has on his list to convert the town hall into the market square ... panties, garlic and some bra!
Even the 'Rialto' partner complained 'loudly' to him.

The pandemic came bringing us to a halt but one did not find out ... that is Long John Ribó.
Pedestrian made the plaza and works led to the streets .. being patron of mortar, saint of portland and mortars!
And the Reina square, what a scene ... we can't even make the offering.

The Cap al Casal route Mesa de seguimiento de las fallas...
The future of our party has been played on the table, or rather, on the 'table' where the letter is the word.
The health game to win our future is going to be long and necessary ... precise and hard work.

Of the casal made watchtower the president pirate defends the falla, against a fool without strength.
Today the fools will be witnesses, that we have planted the fallas and that although there are obstacles ... but you see, we have already returned.
All the 'haters' of the challenges ... fart four times!

The route of perdition
A dangerous route slides to the right, because the dark path is extreme and it squeezes you hard.
She is a terrible sorceress, great Calypso, charming, who with a voice that has only treacherous rhetoric.
She seduces very easily, everyone who listens to her here.

The route of perdition
To the right of the right Calypso has its shelters, to the right of the right, between fears and subterfuges.
It imprisons reason, the future of society, choice, imagination, and the feeling of freedom.

The route of the damned
These zombie sharks are parading in formation, from the municipal government ... they must be the opposition !.
They release bites that, given without judgment, are not sharp at all, but they make a bad feast.
Blues and greens always bite and oranges ... they just deny.

The route of the damned
Monica is adrift eclipsed by Ximo, because she is a captive of a pact that compromises the botanist.
And Fuset, on the holiday barge, was shipwrecked by that typhoon Galiana .. which he seized in his charge.
The two go, if we do the subsection, navigating by 'compromís'.

The route of the damned
There you see 'The black pearl' of our autonomy, that a Spain Blackbeard sank it out of apathy.
She sailed underfunded demanding what she deserves and received from the state ... just whitebait and fish juice!
Fewer words of intention, we want more funding!

The memory routes
When the route fades in the mind of the old pirate, it is the divine granddaughter who tells him.
She accompanies him on a family journey, trips, ports ... because Alzheimer's, a bad poison, steals all memories.
And the beloved granddaughter of the pirate is a great help.