Child Falla Salvatierra-Amorós

"Look, listen and do not be silent"

Artist: Grego Acebedo.

Prize: 12th special section.

Cost: 21.000 Euros.

"Ways to communicate and examples of types of communication."

"Written communication, like a message in a bottle. Mails, Internet and social networks. Press and whatsapp. "

"Oral communication. Two children play with plastic cups and a wire as a telephone."

"Visual and sound communication, like a policeman on a motorcycle with his siren and a referee showing a red card with his whistle to indicate an expulsion
The telephone, the pigeons and the radio, Ways of communicating in different cultures and animals."

mailbox and referee with whistle

Every time the referee whistles, he thinks he's more important than Brad Pitt.

boy shouting

The boy shouts loudly because he suspects that he is not going to sell much written press.

race judge

The flag indicates that the race has finished .. but the judge does not leave the face of speed!

deaf old man

This grandpa is deaf like; and it's that he's missing ear and he has too much nose!

Sign language

Speaking sign language is a virtue. The girl receives samples of affection and gratitude.


The shepherd orders his sheep: He wants them two by two and in pairs.

he declares

This wedding will have a lot of level, there is no more than see the ring!.

television reporter

Nerves for her television debut makes the reporter stumble.


Many hours navigating virtual worlds, caution! its dangers are very real.

phone booth

Graham Bell invented telephony, turning distances into fantasy.

Child Falla salvatierra-amorós 2019

Tribal forms of communication: fast, ecological and ancestral.


You have to have respect and consideration for all traffic signs.