Child Falla Gozalbo-Altea

"If you fail"

Artist: Iván Tortajada.

Prize: 1st special section.

Cost: 28.000 Euros.

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"If there is something that children do, it is making mistakes, that is the only way to learn, because without mistakes there will never be any success"

"It is about destigmatizing the error, the failure, making a mistake and presenting it as something positive. Try to keep the children with the message that if they fail nothing happens, it is fixed, it is learned, you advance."

"We live in a competitive society where children are taught that making mistakes is wrong, and that makes adults and children afraid to fail, instead of assuming that we are not infallible."

"For example, Christopher Columbus had in his head to find a new route to India. He failed, but he made a much more important discovery, the discovery of America. Learning to ride a bike is only achieved by falling and getting up. Rectify is wise, if you do not get your dreams, you have to try again. You have to make decisions without fear of ridicule, because if you fail, nothing happens.."

wise man

Rectify is wise..

woman riding a bike

Serendipity. Unexpected discovery.


...if cupid fails?

Child falla Gozalbo-Altea  2019

If you fall ... you get up!


If you fail... i help you!


Ser patoso


Christopher Columbus ... he was looking for india


and found America!


Discoveries by mistake


Martial arts chef ... makes fireworks!

grandma riding a bike

Modern grandma without fear to fail.


Dr Fleming. He discovered penicillin accidentally.


Pets never fail you

Child falla gozalbo-altea 2019

I am always going to love you.

past and present

History is studied so as not to make the mistakes of the past.


Blue or red? If you fail ... it explodes!

milpies calling by phone

The milpies, the animal that makes mistakes the most.
                   Are they there? Are my lives there?                    No, ma'am, you were wrong.

hit with a stick

If you fail with cucaña,... you get a hit.


Who has mouth, make mistakes.


T. Edison. There weren't a thousand failed attempts, were a thousand step invention.

Child falla gozalbo-altea

Errores de ortografía.

boy with birds

Make your dreams fly, that never fails.