Child Falla Espartero-GV Ramon y Cajal

"Poetics of fire"

Artist: David Moreno.

Prize: 9th special section.

Cost: 25.100 Euros.

"We put all our effort into creating wonderful things. We fill the streets with fantasy and the fire takes everything."

"Many people work hard during the year so that the street fills with color. At any moment there are hundreds of people creating alone in the workshop so that suddenly the street explodes with magic and the sky is filled with filigree, music, rhythm."

"It is difficult to explain. Like poetry, everyone feels it in a way. It is a feeling, a passion that causes the cycle to start again from the ashes. We are creators and destruction is our poetry. The poetics of fire."


Craftsman creating.

Fallas workshop

Fallas workshop.

Modern or classic? Who knows what is better?
                  Fallas are not made alone. They are not made by mice at night.

Classic Fallera

Classic Fallera.

Modern Fallera

Modern Fallera.

 Falla under construction.

Falla under construction.

Everything disappears to be born again from the fire.


Night of cremá

The fire attracts us. It has a lot of magic. Fire makes us dance



It was the children who created the faults and the children of today will say what the faults of tomorrow are like.

 boy with old toys

An old carpet

Fill the sky with filigree made with fire. It's an art.


Nit del foc

Having ideas is not difficult. Having a good idea needs work. Know if that is the good, more complicated.