Falla Cuba-Azorín


Artist: Vicente Martínez Aparici.

Prize: 4th Special Section.

Cost: 150.000 Euros.

Height: 17 metres.

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"Lying on the sofa the girl has a series of dreams, some of them produce pleasurable sensations and others quite the opposite."

"She is surrounded by fantastic beings who watch over her dream. Dressed as a wolf, a Native American catches dreams. The guardian angel gives her light so that she has a good rest during the REM stage, that of the desynchronized or paradoxical dream"

"That stage of the dream that makes us live very real dreams or dreams that look like stories. Long forgotten dreams or delusional nightmares that do not let us sleep."

It is normal that at night you have dreams that are scary when you stay mute and bathed in sweat, but everything falls into oblivion when the alarm goes off. And with bruises you have to get up and work.                     
                     That sublime dream that seemed suggestive sinks into the mud for not being attractive and that Valencians suffer in television format. A nightmare of fear and drowsiness.

According to the ancient culture of Native Americans, the wolf is the creature that guides humans when in dreams they capture us, making us enjoy rest. Like Dream with Beyoncé without a brake.

From the height and with great volume, our Guardian Angel is obstinate in giving us light because he tinks is the safeguard of the moral, and in summary, always 'mess up'. If you dream in bed, with Brad Pitt.

Without an elegant dress, in the afternoon and suddenly, this girl gets away from everyday life by just giving a nod on the sofa. With many fantasy beings dreams ...

They have among their cravings Reme, Engracia and Maria to make your eyes dance, convulsive choreography inspired by so many muddles that Gerogie Dann would not do. Moving the eyes is what we do in REM sleep.

A very Real dream
This hobby is more passionate for her, Sofía work every day cutting off what does not work. Without fear of blisters prune the softest parts.

He makes a great noise because of the rose that he loves so much, because he fears that she is pruning the cocoon. He feels very unhappy having the cocoon cut off.                     
                     A rose so brave that gave so much glory in nights of passion and euphoria, and now it is more than withered. A vigor that is already preterite and looks today only ... emeritus.

frightened king

King Emeritus Juan Carlos and Queen Emerita Sofia

The awakening of the fallas
The supreme intelligence has come to enlighten us to the "falleros de Valencia". This monolith sends us a Puritan fiesta.

Higher beings in culture that everyone "Josefino" is showing the right path resuscitating censorship. Angels we have put for nexus, because of course ... they do not have sex !.                       
                    They are clearly inferior and need the help of a wise commission to take them out of the darkness. And do not fall into danger talking about the turnip or the rabbit.

Forgotten dreams
The efforts of these two are not useful at all since they find it pleasant to do the work of useful fools. They hide what Ribó promised us all in his day.

Get fame and go to sleep
These striking drums that both want to hide will be shown once elections come. They have as a war cry ... three to bag, and the bag on the ground !.                     
                    He promises to stop the damages suffered by the Cabanyal, but an angelic dream has him sleeping four years. The one who was always alert now sleeps and does not wake up.                     
                     This barrel is concerned that people return to live, and has found accommodation within the collective 'squat'. Since we have not heard him for a while ... will he be sleeping 'Salvem'?

Ribó reclining in drums

Mayor of Valencia: Rafael Ribó

The two faces
When you go to bed at night, this binomial of the two faces of sleep accompanies you, which slip into your bed.                      If it's the angelic face, you have a great time.                     
                    But if it is the Butoni, nightmare you have to suffer because you will not sleep in the middle of so much demon. And in the blanket you wrap yourself around and do not stop spinning.

Nightmare at á punt street
She presents an entertaining program in the evening in mixed amalgam asking adilated questions. Whether it is easy to knit lace or how to make coca de llanda.                     
                    This is a disrespect to see with disillusion that our television is all a duck. This beautiful duck is coming out ... for a beak!                    
                    In front of this gibberish that looks more like an asylum, the great king of the nightmare has left him without work. And it has been a consequence of such strong competition.                    
                    She always finds it opportune to break down as a rule, whether it is good what she reports or if someone has died. Carolina has a habit of always laughing at Punt.

Who is hungry dreams of 'Rolls'
These rolls are not bad but Monica tells us that they have been the appetizer of the main dish. And she has eaten without hindrance all the rolls stuffed .. of beans.                     
                    You do not need to bring tableware at such a nice table to whoever you want. Oltra chews .. 'Carnes de Morella'. And with broth she marvels as it is of an old hen.
In order not to be devoured he has summoned elections hidden under the skirts of the one who leaves ... thrown away. He wants to win them with grace, fed up with having his ass in the air.                    
                    To be of all the most gluttonous, eating whom is the guardianship, is the dream that she longs to sit on the high chair. A nightmare awaits her if she can not with the satiety.

Oltra eating to Ximo Puig

Oltra eating to Ximo Puig

The old sleeper
She lies here crossing her hands smiling from ear to ear, whom she slept as an old woman for more than forty years. Sleeping so comfortably does not want to do ... another uprising.                     
                    Pedro Sanchez, very temperate, is the Prince of this story who wants to wake up suddenly who has been lying down for a long time. He gets hard to think about the dictatorship.                    
                   The prince is supported by these three godfathers, because they want to guide him in everything. It seems that the fairies miss epochs more than past.

This body and its squawking that he carries on his back dictates the task with his voice Aznar. You can not have the beautiful voice because it always goes with the bottle.                     
Doing tricks takes in mind that the Prince does not give her the kiss because it has always been clear that he has grandpa very .. Present !. This theme stifles him, that the family is not touched.
The commitment avoids the thorny question and wants to find the solution by removing the daisy. As he had so much kills him, he has not enough with iberflora.

edro Sánchez and Franco

Pedro Sánchez and Franco

aznar and casado

Aznar and Casado