Falla Convento Jerusalén

"The musical"

Artist: Pere Baenas.

Prize: 3rd Special Section.

Cost: 230.000 Euros.

Height: 20 metres.

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"The singer, with her feathers and beads, and the pianist pay homage to the musicals of yesterday, today and forever. "

"Cats: Politicians survive because they have seven lives.
The Lion King: Felipe VI surprised by the confrontation between the two queens.
Beauty and the Beast: Inés Arrimadas against the pro-independence Puigdemont, Junqueras and Torra.
Grease: The ex presidents of the government dance to the rhythm that marks Mariano Rajoy.
Jesus Christ Superstar: Pablo Iglesias sing, why should I die? before being lanced by the Romans Rivera and Abascal; Casado washes his hands like Pontius Pilats and Pedro Sanchez is God.
The Miserables: self-employed entrepreneurs.
Cabaret: Puig and Oltra asko for 'money, money'."

The musical has arrived to fill every corner of unlimited show of dance and beautiful songs.
                   The genre originates as a unique show in which music and theater are combined.

                                       This great composer works very hard because he wants to be a precursor of an excellent genre. The singer gives life to the most beautiful songs decidedly with great interpretations.

                                      In the SGAE they are looking at how they can collect the benefit of such an elegant work that will make them a little richer. The spectator will pay so much money for the show, that it will not be declared insolvent by pure miracle.

The cats fill the congress scattered by many parties, they have to carry the weight of the future of this country.                       
                        Politicians will sing tambourine musicals, they are cats that will lie, on the left and on the right.
                        Many will dance songs of private benefit and surrounded by corruptions will end up imputed.

Billy Elliot
Billy Elliot wants to dance and will make great sacrifices because he will have to overcome enormous prejudices.
                  Because in this society the values are scarce, and there is still a good group of intolerant oppressors.
                  The boys play soccer and the girls play with the dolls, and they will make a big fuss if someone breaks the routine.

The Borbón King
The king is worried because there is more than one lion that has lately tried to change the constitution.                       
                       Letizia is a lioness who shows her power when the mother-in-law wants to tell her what to do.
                       Leonor is angry, in the photos look bad, and she has started a great Real War.
                       The paparazzi will search very fast as the gazelles the photos that will begin the war of the damsels.
                       The Urdangarín zebra for abuse of corruption has to follow the path that will lead to prison.

Beauty and the Beast.
Beauty has great efficiency and with a capote has fought the process of independence, showing Spanishness.
                      Beast is tired of the process and in prison he despairs, if Beauty gives him a kiss, he will swear the flag.
                      The Clock is president of a country that does not exist, passes the time doing and undoing and the Chandelier obeys.

Priscilla, queen of the mess.
As the Queens Magas come Gressi, Galiana and Ribó, and the three together aim to reach Eurovision.
                     They have made a great sacrifice, to be able to pedal, extending the bike lane into the sea.
                    For mimicry with Europe they make a mobile musical, with the bus that brings them closer to being a sustainable city.
                     In the question of equality there is no better city, and even Fuset has already heard that he can be Fallera Mayor.

The Phantom that awaits you.
The ghost that hides within a social network with a mask covers its real aspect.
                     The girl is confident from her computer has been well deceived by a liar love.
                    When the mask uncovers you do not know what you can find, it is the beloved person or a true villain.

Moulin Rouge.
The Moulin Rouge has lights with peculiar effects because they hypnotize any who like to alternate.
                     It has even been said that some Andalusian politicians have been seduced by profuse illuminations.
                    And with the task well done, they were so happy they brought a card and with public money they paid.

The Miserables 2.
The Marquis has suppressed all the rights of the Miserables because only they have been enriched by favorable concessions.
                    The poor man has no right, can not even fall ill, and when he is doing well an inspector cuts off his head.
                    The accountant notes if a self-employed suicide has fallen into bankruptcy and has not yet paid VAT.

The Miserables.
The self-employed is miserable, and in this musical he will feel vulnerable by the multinationals.
                    The fishmonger, the carpenter, the worker and the hairdresser want the same rights as the Marquis.                     They have set up large barricades against large stores, which have well-controlled life grants.

Spain has no remedy, it seems Chicago of the twenties, there is no justice or law and people are suffering.
                     The judges and the justice are very overflowing fighting with the filth that comes to the courts.
                    Corruption has reached the judiciary, because it has been controlled by national politicians.

Each of the presidents who are part of this story have left the parliament through the revolving door.
                     Spanish dandruff arrives with bags ready, will be the directive of private companies.
                    Mariano wants to scold them because he is a hard worker, he tells them that he only wants to charge when he acts as a registrar.

Life is a Cabaret, and more for the Valencians that in a matter of money we have very empty hands.
                     The beautiful cabaretera with altruistic commitment asks the portfolio to the socialist rose.
                    The master of ceremonies teaches her funding and Monica parsimonies because she sees it insufficient.
                    Ximo has now anticipated the day of the elections, Monica has been angry and wants to break relations

Pablo Superestar.
Pablo the smart complains to God, who is letting him die, and Manuela no longer sees him as the messiah of yesterday.
                     Pilate washes his hands with the one hundred and fifty-five, has a master's degree in Catalans that he has taken advantage of without suffering.
                    Albert and Santi will use all weapons of war, and coalition will steal the paradise to the left.
                    Pedro calls elections from the sky of the parliament, has not approved the budget because he no longer has believers.