Child Falla Ciscar-Burriana


Artist: Bernardo Estela.

Prize: 11th special section.

Cost: 23.000 Euros.

"Apocalyptic falla aimed at children and the terrible consequences of a nuclear explosion."

"As a central figure and epicenter of the falla, we have a nuclear fungus that has not only altered our planet, but also all the galaxies that surround it, since a large part of humanity has been forced to emigrate to continue living and of course, to keep Las Fallas alive. "

"That is why we continue to make the Offering in another constellation, accompanied by a band of music and some strange beings. While the earth has been invaded by mutant beings created by the explosion that have taken over the city."

Valencia, March 15, 3019, suddenly you hear a Boom! and all followed a brutal silence, filling the city with fire and smoke. It is not that it is the hour of the cremá, it is that the world has hit a bang.                     

               The planet is in decadence by the work and grace of human beings, less by those of us who have wisdom, who are, as always, the Valencians!

Child Falla Ciscar-Burriana  2019

Edu is a fallero and Valencian of heart and feeling. Of the Fallera Galactic Board will be president!

Child Falla Ciscar-Burriana  2019

Through popular intergalactic voting, the Children's President of Ciscar will pardon!


This duo of mutants is euphoric touring the historic center.


To fish for eels in the Albufera, you have to have an adventurous soul and moral!

couple in boat

The couple is declaring their love, and with the shock almost gives them a heart attack!

pardoned ninot

These ninots we will leave as a legacy: gift of our ancestors!

fooball player

In the city there is collective excitement: today plays Valencia sports union!.

mutant bat

I am 'Lo Rat Mutant', the whole universe I have valencianized!


No one would say that we are in a zoo, rather in a science fiction film!

mutant park

The children hallucinate with the Mutant Park, contemplating some spectacular animals !.

mutant park

The City of Arts and Sciences is a new home for strange presences!

city of science

The remembered Calatrava has traveled without warning, from another galaxy to tread tencadís!


Even if it is on a distant planet, the offering to Cheperudeta is not missing.


These cockroaches are happy, since the bomb has exploded.