Falla Antiga Campanar

"Play, play ... and you will see"

Artist: Carlos Carsí.

Prize: 1st Special Section.

Cost: 170.000 Euros.

Height: 20 metres.

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"In the workshop called 'Toy Store l'Antiga' they fix broken toys, which they are for misuse, for an excess of play or may be for the use in their manufacture of defective materials."

"Broken toys from a society that breaks them or tries to repair them. But breaks them again. Some people repair them believing that everything can be fixed, others repair them because there is no other solution, and others think that repairing them is like manipulating reality at will.                         It is the toy that has already been fixed is useless. The fallero artist is in danger of becoming a broken toy.."

Strings, lead and wire wire use the toy maker that of the two will make claim being voracious and ballads.
Toymaker, mean, represents here the banking

This doll, which wears out, broken in pieces will find who has good 'money' and can change.
That the Doll, being more critical, it seems to be political power

The old man only works, paints, carves and makes details, until he finishes, the time comes and he does not touch a torn.
The old man, so little active is the legislative power

At the top, flying over the toys that are detailed here, there are three Fairies granting illusions that are asked.
That the three ladies in dance are, as you see, our hope.

Next, Punchinello, who lets cajoled, to the claim of having 'fabric' can be manipulated.
That puppet in vertical, the judicial power has.

See the grandma here exploited without having any rest, in the singer as tied making very craft seams.
With many difficulties, represents the pensions.

The toys that can be seen here areunemployed and poor workers, impounds making a great effort, as politicians and storytellers.

Chess. (Borbón edition)
As if it were strategy this game full of Borbones has as you see the royal family has lots of mess.                     One, emeritus, the two queens competing, the Corina, ... Felipe .. always suffering!.

Hungry hippos. (fake news) swallowing the news.
Swallowing news balls, people go looking without trace, because the juiciest things are in the form of carnage.
You have to be stupid to fall in the raffle, because the social network, without any obstacle, swallows 'balls' of deceit.

The fallas artist. The broken toy of the fiesta.
This party is ending and the corrosive crisis to the artist is undermining, together with envy, debts and VAT.
                    You see the fallero artist who works with a smile shortly before the workshop does not let him survive.

Sesame shanty. The forgotten toy.

Sesame shanty. The forgotten toy.
But look at Epi and Blas, that fighting a thousand adversaries, to love they gave way forgetting ... of the closets.

You will not catch me anymore.
It is a matter of the whole world to fight with resistance with her, in order to end violence.
                     The doll is broken inside the soul and the heart by the stained hatred hand of an abusive ninot.

The Robot badly survived broken, wasted by the appearance of our society, well of grief and indifference.
                     Broken the heart of disenchantment, that death of illusion when the dream is seen crying and ends in disappointment.

Everything breaks the social fact of who lives only from the image, being only frivolous and trivial, presiding a leadership.
                    Returning the social heart requires the intervention of the vital common sense that reparation will make.

The fallera roulette united juries Geyper.
The jury here specifies that the fallas will play and pulling the roulette will give their prizes!.
                    They will break the bank at once by betting on red or black, and whoever plays with the strongest will win the joyful 'pallet'.

In Valencia they want to play in our traditions, but that will have to be fought to heal the afflictions.
                    Here you see a knight who will be carrying the sword, as it turns out that Giner defending us shows skill.

The big house of PinyPon jar ville podemita edition.
Look that house the populists have bought, which is said to have invited independents and socialists.
                    Pin and Pon said 'We can'. a chalet they bought, and to the right, what we will do ... they do not let them pass!

In football you see a broken player, who has scored the goals and who gets impertinent.
                   Futbolín of a thousand spectacle falls inclusive, and as you know, strong, like some of that 'pibe'.

To the toy that arrives to him the day, worn out and died of hunger, in which only with sympathy does he pay attention to him ... the vile woodworm!.                     A toy is broken into pieces if it has never been played with. And when it happens you see that the faults have thrown you away.
                    Breaks the soul that manipulation of people, who live withered by power and obsession.