Child Falla Zapadores

"At three, smile"

Artist: Angel Navarro.

Prize: 9th special section.

Click this link to see Video of Child Falla Zapadores

"In order to be able to remember the past, everything that we have enjoyed, we only need a piece of paper where to capture it, to photograph it."                          

"The photo tells us where we were, with whom, and how we live it.
Are those moments of our lives that we wanted to keep forever."

wedding photo

Wedding photo

Passion for photography

Passion for photography



The photo of the communion

The photo of the communion

The youth photo

The youth photo

Family photo

The old family photo.
A selfie in nature.

photo finish

Photo finish.

Old photographer

Old photographer.
The color photo.

The fast shooting

The fast shooting.


The frame, a movie photo.

School photo

School photo.


The newbie.

Holiday photo

Holiday photo.


Birthday photo

first photo

The first photo

photo posing

The selfie. The stupid photo. Graduation photo.

photo posing

No more photos. The stolen. The pose.

Amusement park photo

Amusement park photo.
Photo fashion for facebook.

Summit photo

Summit photo.