Falla Regne Valencia

"Stop the press"

Artist: Sergio Musoles.

Prize: 9th Special Section and 1st for talent and grace

Cost: 86.000 Euros.

Height:16 metres.

Click this link to see Video of falla Regne Valencia

"In search of the great expected news, that exclusive, with full-flat headlines.
Of truthfulness and truth, so reviled today, in the news of the daily news."

"A journalist tries to find ideas to tell everything what happens in the world, in Spain and Valencia, but always finds the same: wars, sports and thieves.
The reporter looks for the image with more commitment than an elite sportsman has been involved with an artist. The marriage of convenience opens the can of the gossip magazines. "

Extra Extra!

"Here you have the gossip press and the celebrities in the wedding for the 'money' that 'in love' have taken them first."

"The kiosk vendor is showing what the press is carrying today, compiling the important thing that always compensates the reader."

"The photographer the snapshot does when she looks at the gentleman, as simultaneously ... she catches the wallet!."

gossip press reporter

"Xabier Borinotti: Gossip Press. He always knows everything because he is the master of the millions of exclusives of the world (with permission of Julián Carabantes)'."

"The woman stars in the page of events, which accurately tells us her admits."

"Tearing of the crotch, she has landed on her butt, and is made a good scrap, because half body has made her crack!."

"The illusion of the children carries that feeling more pure than in the party of fallas, guarantees a great future."

"One of March, the people wait, all are excited, that press, fallera, carries the published sketches."

Fashion and Trends.

"Of Fuset the new board has mounted a great stir, to put with signed signature, norms as of protocol."

"Wear the skirt as in mass, below the knee, and buttoned shirt up to the neck!."


"Joe Flamington: Investigative journalist. Fallero award for discovering the rules of protocol of the Court of Honor".

Joan Ribó street sweeper

Dirty Chronicle.

"In Valencia we only find more shit than splendor, the city full of garbage, almost being landfill."

"They deceive the most unsuspecting, proclaiming 'clean valencia' .. where many patterns are given but not passing nor the cleaning cloth!."


"Ketty Ketecaques. Photographer. Looks for the news on the street. She was the one that published the video of Grezzi making infringements.

Sunday supplement

"And on Sunday with supplement you have the yayo who investigates what will be the new suffering, because in fact it causes him intrigue."

doorwoman gossip

The war reporter.

"A scandal has set the neighbors on the landing, while looking through the window a very warm woman".

"Be a porter and be a snitch? Press is research that you see that does Aurora, a printing bath!".



"It has the funeral presence that here makes the country's undertaker the presidential .. but he was the winner!".

"And the others who did not give a bad thing for Mariano, they were dying, one by one!".

Stealing Tours.

"With UNESCO as a goal a tour have been marked, look at the 'paraeta' that between four have been set!."

"Go Fuset going around with Montse Catalá, who in a well-defined way until Lancaster travels."

Contact section.

"Lady Liberty Overwhelmed by an orphaned 'republic', today feels very harassed, because he only wants to touch her!"

"Trump is seen to have a project, everyone wants to crack, as being 'erect' president, with the turnip is going to rule!."

fallero with news

Last minute.

"The last minute information always bring complications, all in the form of diatribe, roles and prohibitions".

"The carp is a big problem, the churros stand, the markets, we are denounced by system".

Goat and frog

The Science Supplement.

"Scientists from Singapore today take a good note of a batracio that is quite hard, and you see that it says 'granota'".

"It is that the other does not hold, until the hunger of gople bursts, that the Chinese already much scares, see the goat ... mestalla!".


"Frank Marruender. PePerBoy. It only distributes the press that carries in cover to Rajoy. He says they have 'La Razón'".