Falla Pilar

"Off with his head"

Artist: Paco Torres.

Prize: 2nd Special Section.

Cost: 140.000 Euros.

Height:22 metres.

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"The political and social situation of the present Spain counted in key of the French Revolution".

"Mariano drives the carriage 'The Spanish', pulled by the horses of corruption.
Risen to the carriage, which goes to the welfare state, are the politicians, businessmen and frontmen, always watched by europe.
Underneath the coach, workers, pensioners and students try to divert it from its course, because 'another way is possible'. "

"A plebeian princess at court has slipped, now has come to reign and to be a good queen."

"Is Fuset the Sun-fie King, count of Barbarities, as to the fallers defies will have the days counted."

"Fuset the tyrannical king want to cut off his head, guilty of a few standardized Satanic verses."

"Inside is a "Rat Penat", of this cork head, if the 'normalized' comes, does not have any cheap booklets."

Collector and prisoner

"The artist fallero claims, now that we are part of UNESCO, a salary as God commands, that heritage is poor."

"And the tax collector comes, showing him the reality, says that is for Montoro, and takes almost half."

"The fallero seems trapped by the hours that passes there, as he has a stumbling block certainly that loses the house".

"Caterina de Moixent. This incasable fighter could not be of any other town than that of 'The Warrior'. Tired of seeing how those of the chariot take advantage of the people, have left her no other choice than to take action and fight: And yes, she is a woman because justice, equality and freedom ... are feminine."

Artur Mascabezota. This man is armed with a large guillotine because he wants to take a large piece of the carriage thinking he will benefit. He does not know that a piece alone does not work. You need the wheels, the axle, the steering, the horses .. well, that works because it's all together".

"Pau Capelles. This man of principles, has a very great illusion, and puts pressure on those in the chariot so that there is more Equality and a better distribution of wealth, but money always goes to money, and control of the car will always be carried by the rich ... or not."

Urdangarín, Merkel and Rato

"Corrupts, thieves and Co.. And not those who throw stones, cut their heads i would like, they are the anti-systems."

"Urdangarín wanted a palace in Barcelona, execeeded as rascal, almost breaks The Crown."

"With the poor refugee Merkel throws the ball, Europe has almost broken and fascism revives."

"How can you ask the bank to see who pays the bills? The box does not stay empty if there is money for Rato."

coach and white horse

"Threepercent: This horse of the cattle ranch El Paraiso of Andorra, is the headache of the chauffeur, as it wants to go to his own and always in another direction to which his partner leads, but in the end ... complement each other."

Peter Lim

"In a very official way he is the one who carries the rod, more than an Eastern President, I prefer one of Favara".

"The signings that have been made, very bad they are, like the French Despayet or the Croatian Plédecus".

"Many things he will do, even if he goes slowly, says that the field will finish, when May comes".

valencia supporters

"The blood will reach the river, the fans no longer forgive, the 'Champions' is not the goal, which is not to go down to second!".

valencia supporters

"Valencia is a horror, they want to cut off the head to the Presi, the coach or also the bat".

black horse

Panama: This horse of the well-known cattle ranch The World of Soria, it takes badly to pull of the carriage. He does not want to go on the roads and only wants to go through dark paths, and more difficult to follow shortcuts."

strong man

"Aitor Menta: This strongman wants to stop the carriage in any way, and as he is from the Basque Country, is a specialist in cutting logs. He was second in the world championship because he did not realize that the ax blade had fallen..."


"He, blinded by such beauty, the testament has signed, the woman has the idea to soon cut off his head".

family with children

"The girl does not leave her alone, the poor can not be still, if she brings the chocolate again, she cuts the 'hardheaded'."

"Viagra, a pill that can be very dangerous, always has the shotgun ready when he smells a rabbit."

"Roaring is like a bull, to him the thing itches, that soon the love shows to him when Pepica comes."

Bertín and Azanar

"It is for the house to show, that we can cut off his head the day Aznar comes to tell everything he knows.
Bertin is a gentleman who shows his house nice, looking at him with very bad milk, people when he says .. that is not too much!
Our Aznar is mad, he does not leave puppet with head, a lack in the showcase, the one of the President of the state."

Felipe González and Susana Díaz paint blue the red flowers of Pedro sánchez.
Valencia is the new Alice in a wonderland that is still unpaid.

Rajoy and Rivera

"Rivera has come here to be near the one who commands, the same gives him if is to Juana or his sister."

"Is Rajoy as you know, Queen of our hearts, we can not cut his head or counting votes."

Susana and  Pedro

"To Pedro have left ko between Felipe and susana, because they have painted him in blue, the roses that were red."


"Alicia is our Valencia, everyone comes to glean from the essence Wonder, which are still unpaid."


"The Ribó that is the one that commands, wants to render him good service, the first thing he recommends, learn to go by bike."


"Oltra with a disguise of a rabbit is giving 'Burundanga' to be with the gang four more years of party."