Falla Na Jordana


Artist: Toni Pérez.

Prize: 6th Special Section and 2nd of talent and grace.

Cost: 100.000 Euros.

Height:16 metres.

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"A great comedian with a burlesque gesture shows among the lines a yard of the mid-seventeenth century, looking for similarity and homage with the disappeared l'Olivera yard, of the city of Valencia."                     

"Another great comedian looks sideways at the great lady. This one, disguised as a pig, represents the most vulgar comedy as opposed to the one alluded by the lady: intelligent comedies for idiots and idiot comedies for the intelligent. "
  "Dante Aligheri and his 'Divine Comedy', with hell, purgatory and paradise. The princess of Éboli, like symbol of the Old Regime, manipulates the children of the future monarchy.
Pantaleone, Il Dottore and Il Capitane, characters of the Commedia dell'Arte, allude to money, science and the military arm. "

Comediants arrive.

"Beloved visitor of this old falla: already have arrive the Comedians that make the light life to you. For a drop of wine, we will show theatrical shows.If you give us a piece of bread we will do parties".

"It is the acting circumstance empty of all profit. Pulling the cart consistently is a reason for great distress. (Situation that is not strange in the Na Jordana falla)".

The (new) bad married of Valencia. (Ximo Puig and Monica Oltra)

"Ximo.Ridiculous jealous you suffer, wife!. To say, great annoyance makes me so kind with that Mr. Antoni. That we can never in common make marriage of three with such a red demon."

"Mónica. I will never give you a divorce, nor lifingt your wig. You do not want bread ? The oil dip, the compromise makes a consortium! Want to burn that Isabel all the botanical trees. But i am the one who has panic to the one who is unfaithful to me".

Dirty comedies.

"Comedy sow and rude that does not even come to a play. It messes everything with shit, it does not leave any scratch clean.
The politician, the press, the comedian, the fallero, defile without ceasing making a smelly theater."

gardener's dog

The gardener's dog

"The great Lope brought us as an example of obstructions, of not letting work, of not offering solutions, of being all a criticize, of opposing with destructions."

olive tree

The olive tree in a courtyard

"Cradle of a lighter comedy, first stable theater of Valencia, we plant a tree that is peace, faithful presence: oh remembered Corral del Olivo"

theater machines

Theater Machines of the Golden Age

"With the rain machine we were able to imitate such noise. It is not necessary that it rains more, that the water to the neck the falleros this Monday well felt".

"This ingenious storm plate makes the amplifying effect of a storm. Put to make noise, we move the task and we are not lost forever in the protest."

In the farmyard we will make a farce today.

"The most animal farce is represented in the farmyard. The Titus is a moralist of Hazte Oir absolutist. The Pheasant, full of color, is a liar without honor".

"The rooster with such a phallic scepter is macho in every respect. All ignorance is the Stork but does not look shame. But animals are not worse than humans..".

Comedy of the three powers.

"Pantaleón: Oh my friends welcome, you come wanting to binge?. Captain. We come free from the heart, always ready for battle. Doctor. We come and we will return without conscience to the back".

"Pantaleón: With the strength of money I will bend the virtue of the willing maid. Captain: With the persuasive sword I will submit the will that I do not want to be troupe".

"Doctor: With the power of science I will impose the lie as certainty. The three: Three posers military, economic and scientific always make specific pact for this world to dominate".


"Altar of San Pedro de la Piña, patron of tragicomus festive".

Princess puppeteer

The puppet monarch.

"In the years of Phillip the Second, Ana de Éboli operated the threads of the Court, slave in prison left the world. In dark years, spoiled, we invoke you, gentle Anna: get out of your tomb in Pastrana, pull the threads to Sisé!".

Divine Comedy

"The author of the most Divine comedy shows serious, solemn his sumblant, with face bared his fine life. Hell saw in person, O sublime Dante, Purgatory, sure, does not tarnish you, and in Paradise you are already, all triumphant"

Hell. "How are they to fear hell? They go bleeding through this life of horror and suffering. There are women raped! There are dependent! There is no living worthy! Oh you, emigrant!".

Heaven. "Tyrants, this world is not enough? How have you forced the gates of heaven? The bolts burned with vile gall, and San Pedro bought with a sad salary".

"You, human spectator. They used to talk about revolving doors. Now it's more elevator thing. Why, banker, in peremptory hours, do you not fear the infierno of whom you are a great debtor?".

Purgatory."Let it be, poor thing. That I do not owe, I am always creditor. With purgatory I agreed a short stay, from Paradise I am now buyer. ".

Divine comedies ... but sadly human

A Jester at the Court of His Excrement

"In the square of this falla today it arrives: I am buffoon in a court full of stupids that are cause of laughter. I have mounted a thousand spectacles for the people of this nation, and despite many wishes, I have never entered prison".

"And you can not bribe me because I pay that! The complicity of the public compensates me as it should. Always in Na Jordana welcome me with all glory and praise. You do not know what they call me? Look at it please!".

"Look who gave me such a bad piece. Who respects no mayor, no bishop or anyone!".


"Allusive figure of the common vice, which criticizes everything with rough and crude verb, pre-monologue of any century, always lonely: I am the Bululú".