Child Falla Gaeta-Farnals


Artist: Joan S. Blanch.

Prize: 3rd Special Section and 3rd of talent and grace.

Click this link for the Video of Child falla Gaeta-Farnals

"Water, the most abundant and necessary component of planet earth."


paper boat

Navigable water.

children watering

Irrigation water.


Snow water.

Girl with raincoat

Rain water

Children with soft drinks

Water with lime. Coconut water

Dolphin and child with float

Sea water

Sea turtle and jellyfish

Underwater water

Child on a tap

Tap water

cook boiling water

Scalding water

Boy on trampoline

Pool water

Bottles of cologne

Water of the Spike. Eau de cologne. Water of roses.

Bottles of cologne

Fresh water

taking water from the fountain

Fountain water

Child in the bath

Hot water

Bandaged kitten

Oxygenated water


Water chain. Oral water

Children in fountain. Pardoned ninot

Pardoned child ninot. Park water.

Children in fountain. Pardoned ninot

Park water.

Child with feet in basin

Miraculous water

frog and bugs

Stinky water.

boy running

Moisturizing water.

Child slides on ice. Child with pierced umbrella. Child with bucket of water

Ice water. Hail water. Cistern water.

Children with snails

Dew water.