Falla Cuba-Azorín


Artist: Carlos Carsí.

Prize: 4th Special Section.

Cost: 135.000 Euros.

Height:18 metres.

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"A swirl of wind engulfs a house and moves it to a fantastic country. Valencia is 'the Wizard of Oz' and 'Doroty' is Dory, a neighbor of Ruzafa."

"Dory on the way to the city finds the Formula 1 race track.
The straw man: the Valencian politicians, the rusty tin man: the Agora of Calatrava and a fearful Lion: the yonki of money, accompany Dory by the Valencian land,
where there are also witches, flying monkeys, strange dwarfs, a rainbow and a large and powerful magician."

"Worldly, usual, political and fallera biffs."

"A trip of fantasy we present in this falla, where it shows a day to day well full of chip.
And is that within society one finds every thing that flips out a lot ... being stupid and abundant.
Thus in OZ we will show a problem that is worldwide, and that is THE OZ-TIA (THE BIFF) as expressed within our catafalque"

"In parade and very proud you see as it comes the PARADE that is politics and that boils by the people that is formed.
Governors you have like Galiana, Grezzi, of mobility, and Fuset, reluctantly, because this year they have disapproved him.
Oltra is Dorothy in the falla, well happy and smiling, and next i think a wig is showing ... the President!"

"Dory lives here in Ruzafa, no longer knows where to park, all seems to be a joke when suddenly flew!
In his mythical journey is the Straw Man who is like you already know the new politician ... little sanity made of junk.
  See also the Tin man, who seems half rusty and a help demands ... Calatrava has created him!"

Tin Man

"The Tin Man: As you know, the man with the tin what he lacked was the heart. And is that everything has a reason .. It fell somewhere! Like the trencadis he wore. It did Santiago Calatrava, do you understand now why he is rusty and made a mess?".

Straw Man

"The Straw Man: Here we have the typical straw man, like many politicians. Without feet on the ground, like many politicians. And it is that it undoes under pressure, like many politicians. In the end it is still a man of straw .. that makes a lot of mental straws".

"The lion that is coward is also of the vague ones that corrupt only concrete, when it talks about money!
He is great and powerful, the great Magician who summons ... see how simple he is that he shits and was wrong!
Look at all cowed as a great hidden secret: being the magician of the Tripartite ... and of course, The Bliff here results!"


"The coward lion: This Lion is a bit cowardly, except when there is money to take, as many politicians. It hides behind the more powerful ones out of fear, except when there is money to take, like many politicians. And ends up being dethroned by fear, except when there is money to take, as many politicians".

great magician

"Oz, the great and powerful.. silly. He came by surprise, like the tripartite. He did not know where he really was, like the tripartite. He hid behind a curtain for the people to see, like the tripartite. And shits every day a little, like...".


"It is the fever that appears in the house, half anxiety, half stubbornness to paint and to reform.
And the fault is Ikea, who always orders the assembly who has no idea of doing any DIY.
But he shouts and insists that with the hammer makes the shed where the pet lives now .. as you can see does not fit full!".

mother with childern

"Today is a fact within the world of schoolchildren, that the calendars of children are unique.
It is incredible how the parents sign up them without measure to well-clear classes, being some stupid!
Vitamin is needed to learn the lesson, because running make the visit, almost run the marathon! ".

mother in law

"Both in Oz and in Spain and at an almost global level, we have that that disturbs within the conjugal life.
  It is the mother-in-law a heritage of husband and wife, for some it is the devil, for others it is ... never reasons.
The mother-in-law assives by surprise and the man is in the house, because when he sees her he becomes stressed and hides as good as he can".


"Botanical Garden of Oz., Watch out!, loose Bolivarian butterflies!
                        Here doing the exploration, the butterfly has been found, which might be an option as a future ballot.
                        Voter in love with such a beautiful thing, new option says he has found, and with voting already planned.
                        This butterfly hides doing a trick of illusionist, that monster that makes you intoxicated and called populist".

"The three witches of the party always enchant the falleros making of the soul conquest, next to charms of delusions.
There are two of them feeling, they are of Party and Patrimony, while the other one is suffering ... of the falleros is the ghost!
They say that it is the Neighbor that denounces by noise and that badly complains doing as you know everything a mess."

"PARTY: fallera witch:
Power: Do Falla, decorate, play backs, do theater, make presentations, play sports, make culture, make them fallero.
For what it is: To be 365 days working for politicians, figures and the rest to hung the medal of 'the fallera party we are all'.
Charm preferred: Next year I am clear of the falla."

"PATRIMONY: the good witch of UNESCO:
Power: To make of the faults Patrimony of the Humanity.
For what it is: It is not known but rocks!.
Favorite charm: One that will make anyone 'steal' with all the UNESCO theme, you'll see."

"NEIGHBOR: the neighbor witch
Power: To annoy the fallero.
For what it serves: To close fallas headquarters, do not let the street close, say that the falleros are a plague.
Favorite charm: Fuck in the mother who gave birth to the falleros."

trump with mexican

"In America there is drama as it turns out to be elected the figure who proclaims that he is more beautiful and more perfect.
                           Dominates the machinery of the western power, being a person who owns of enormous amount of money.
Trump says he wants to be a worker because he says that Mexico is going to build, paid for, a wall".

"The Wizard of Oz, sensation, begins only doing tricks in communion functions, making children public.
The show that was given was not magical by what you see, as the public rebuked, everything was going bad.
An amateur child gives him a trick: the diaper he has enchanted, he has done 'chas' ... and they have a poop.."

"Swirling wind blowing, everything is taken away, and people don't mind it, especially if it is Valencian.
Fruit of the great disinterest goes this wind forwards and backwards, propelled by the disinterest that conforms a mess.
Everyone is left in a bad mood of those who rule and who governs, but they do not talk, cowardly, never leave the cave!"