Falla Convento Jerusalén

"Welcome to Bollywood"

Artist: Pere Baenas.

Prize: 3rd Special Section.

Cost: 200.000 Euros.

Height:23 metres.

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"The actors welcome us to a world of light, color, joy, music, romanticism and a pinch of sex.
All this seasoned with the purest Valencian sarcasm."

"In love first there is desire and passion and then jealousy and betrayal.
                          The Holi battle between love and lovelessness: pro bullfights versus animalists, hipsters against low-class and defenders of the orchard against speculators.
The large stores, such as the sacred elephant, destroy the small trade.
                          The Valencian version of the Kamasutra with its unimaginable postures. The enchanter pressures to the four snakes (the political parties) in their electoral fight.
                          Europe, the goddess of fortune, sails in a boat full of rats. The wedding of the year between the bride Rajoy, with the boyfriend Susana Díaz, while the young Albert Rivera takes the rings of the alliance. "

"At Bollywood we are now admiring a thrilling finale, a colorful film, that ends up all dancing"

"With a well-paced rhythm, the ballet dominates the composition, making a coordinated number, worthy of all admiration."

"Marriage between Breeds"

"More than Hindu, doing the Indian are, in the political wedding that we are representing."

"For having a script like that, Bollywood is sighing, is that of our politics, worthy of a great prize."

Felipe and the ladies

"With a ceremony master, named Felipe de Borbón, the fiesta is big, receiving its blessing."

"The ladies are outstanding of any detail in case they have to enter fast, and get to work."

ladies and cupid Rufián

"But a cupid who is a 'ruffian' broken arrows in Parliament threw."

Susana Díaz, Rajoy, Albert Rivera

"Between Susana and Rajoy, the union is celebrated. A girl like a rose, and a guy full of attraction."

"The 'alliance' specialist takes proudly the rings, a well-tempered citizen who is proud of them."

pedro sánchez and felipe gonzález

"Pedro who is dissatisfied, flees all burned, because Felipe with gasoline, the rose has watered."

iglesias and errejón

"These wanted to get in, but neither from the bridegroom, nor the bride either, the invitation arrived."

"Working market"

"A worker like a fakir, swallows the sabers as he can, dropped by the businessman, who always annoys workers."

"The ass-kisser gives fire, chaffing the self-sacrificing, who is enterprising, hard-working, creative, excited and ruined."

mouse driving elephant

"These mice become rich, very elegantly, mounted on multinationals, that represent the elephant here."

"Holli Party"

"A very colorful battle that has no quarter, throwing colors to the face, and who else can .. for him."

"The bull throws the bullfighter colors in the form of powders, and the builder to the farmer, colors that look like quijars."

"The 'low class girl' to the 'hipster' style wants to manage, and the grandma with the vulture bank, here wants to finish soon".

vulture and grandma

"The grandson cosigned, for a small loan, and now the vulture harasses her, importing people a fart."


"With that old book people always 'enjoy', is the book of sex, which is said 'Kamasutra'."

Jaime the conqueror

"Jaime El Conquistador does not seem to stop, making love non-stop, and always triumphing".

"In the botanical, hard sex, among the natural 'foliage', making political pacts, with a total passion".

"It is the one of the gentleman farmer, pose beautiful and elegant, among pumpkins, turnips, sweet potatoes, tomatoes and birds".

kamasutra pose

"This pose is that of the Miguelete, which the couple does willingly, arriving at the highest, till playing the 'bell'".

kamasutra pose

"A very Valencian position, like a plugged hole, is the position called, position of the bat".


"This is a bicycle that runs through the lane, since the saddle has lost remaingin a manly iron".

"The electoral enchantment"

"The great fakir well settled, sounds the music of political speech, for the entire electorate."

"All of us were dazzled, and those who used to be serpents, are chosen with good salary, and in 'cobras' transformed."

"Surveys make the monkey, saying what never happens, and then the most unfortunate, suddenly devastates."


"They fight in the shipwreck, to bring the ship afloat, but it is so broken, that the union, will go to the hole."

goddess fortune

"The goddess fortune flees, with a liferaft, next to the fearful rats, before the imminent collapse."

"The monkey of the rock no longer knows what to do, because it is not clear, and European she wants to be."

"Everything would be simpler, if you declared this pebble, without more history, totally Spanish territory."


"Meanwhile with his float, Trump enjoys the show, caring little, the European debacle."

"Dance school"

"With rhythm and ancestral grace, the teacher teaches to dance, to be able to live in a world that wants to make us."

"Always remains the joy and strength of the human being, who fights night and day, yesterday, today and tomorrow."