Child Falla Ciscar-Burriana

"With a lot of sense"

Artist: Bernardo Estela.

Prize: 7th special section.

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"A muse prepares to enjoy the five senses."

""The view of the beauty of a work of art, the ear of a symphony orchestra. The smell of an exuberant flower garden. The taste of a delicious feast. And the touch in all its varieties and nuances to appreciate it."

"See the falla with joy and always keeps its memory, combines show and harmony because it reaches the bottom of the heart."

"The view is a special sense that fills the life of colors, as this falla so sensual that is all beauty and sweetness."

"The view. One of the main senses of the human body is the view, which through the eyes allows us to perceive the form, distance, position, size and color of all objects and beings around us."

"The ear. It is the organ responsible not only for hearing but also for balance. The sense of hearing allows listening the various sounds that occur in the environment. Thanks to the ear we can recognize the sounds and distinguish them as pleasant or unpleasant, weak or strong and the distance, ie if they are sounds that occur near or far."

"If you listen to musical notes fine tune your ears, there is a band of animals that demand to be sensed!
Children are the future and we want to live in harmony on a clean and safe planet, and affected with ecology.
The ten most noisy animals have joined together to make a concert, they want us to be respectful, with nature and the environment."

"The touch. The sense of touch is perceived through the skin and allow us to recognize the objects we touch, their shape, their temperature and their hardness."

Taste. It allows us to know the taste of things, mainly food. The main organ is the tongue and the  back of the palate. The tongue only appreciates five flavors: acid, sweet, salty, bitter and umami or tasty; The other flavors are mixtures of the basic flavors."


"Many industrial sweets eat this chubby boy, the vegetables cry out loud for him to pass to the boiled."

"At the corner of Calle Burriana has opened a restaurant that if you go hungry you can go out ... even rolling!."

"They make tasty dishes and menus ranging from the 'fast food' to great delicious dishes of those who left us speachless. "

"The sixth sense recognized by the name of 'intuition' as these wise detectives who to all find solution."

"Intuition is a great mixture where all five senses are present, the smell of the dog that traces is a great complement!."

"The duo of Watson and Sherlock have cunning and intelligence, they do not lack courage either: the best of all Valencia!."

"The sense of smell. Smell allows us to feel, differentiate and recognize the smells of things. Thanks to him we can appreciate the perfume of a flower and to distinguish it from other aromas. The organ of the smell is located in the nostrils, that are in the nose."

"The ten most fragrant flowers have wanted to be present colorful, beautiful,elegant, sublime and attractive.
The flowers give off fragrance that suddenly make us shudder, perfumes and aromas in abundance of gardens, roses and jasmine."

"Senses and feeling of fallas form a great connection, the best party in the whole world because it is delirium, heart and passion."

"The world fallero is happy and we are all going to celebrate, we already have the recognition of World Heritage."