Falla Cadarso Altea

"The Curse of Midas"

Artist: Manuel Algarra.

Prize: 5th Special Section.

Cost: 96.000 Euros.

Height:16 metres.

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"By his hospitality with Sileno, to the king Midas they granted the desire of turning in gold everything that had touched.                             
But his greed was his great misfortune. Food became gold and even her daughter Zoe turned to gold when he tried to hug her."

"At present there are characters that everything they touch make it .. not in gold, precisely.
The old and drunken Silenus, adoptive father, on the back of a donkey, and the god Mercury who informed the son of Gordias, Midas, of the wish fulfilled."

Joan Roig and Mercadona

"If a company is bankrupt, customers are out of stock, Roig gives output to the genre as a white label."

"What Joan Roig touch in 'white mark' converts, and in Mercadona if you find other than that, is a joy."

"And their carts as a tank all trade smash around, and to many producers crush by plunging them into the mud."


"Ronaldo with bad belly shits balls of gold, in front of all, does not hide, that is of the universe the center."

Lay Hoon and Peter Lim

"Touches Lim the Rat Penat and makes the one a ratchet, which is undone like the poop and leaves the club flooded".

"But on the green grass, in the end it's just bullshit".

valencia cf

"It took this chaos to Lay Hoon, in soccer inexperienced, who in the excrement is drowned together with a delirious Council".


"The IVI has become famous as a woman touched by them, comes out of there pregnant, from a virtuous in vitro."

"It is more effective than the saints of the stamps and they make boys and girls for a quite attractive cost."

"The money goes in a piggy bank in the form of an airplane, as it is an investment of those of touch and fly."

Rajoy piramid

"Is Rajoy who places and without him there is no one who climbs, this is home Tio Pepe and whoever confronts him seeks it.

Rajoy con playmobil

"The pyramid of Spain, a country of Play Mobil tambourine is made, and it is Rajoy's trick.

"The friend of the City Council goes up to Province Parliament, and the next step puts him in National Parliament".

"The emeritus laureate, he puts him in the Senate".

Amancio Ortega

"Amancio Ortega has cloth and everything that touches it as money transforms it, and that at the price of trifle".

"By children are made mostly in the third world, the blister is the icon .. from the hands of those poor".

Fish shop

Pardoned Ninot

"There may be fishy smell there in the Central Market, a fresh and special fish that is estimated the good presentation".

Trump and wall

"A Mexican offers bricks of the wall to the other side of the line, sells to pay the receipt".

"From Trump, be sure that whoever thinks he is bad, between row and row, puts in the middle of the wall".