Falla Ayuntamiento

"Valencia, Ca La Trava"

Artist: Manolo García.

Cost: 170.000 Euros.

Height:41 metres.

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" Starting with the project of the communications tower of Calatrava, which was never built, it is carried out                                 a humorous satire of the obstacles that the city of Valencia has faced with references to everything                                 that were projected but never were executed due to the numerous obstacles."

"It is the 'Cavalcade of obstacles' that parades along a catwalk, which opens the police mounted on wooden horses, and cardboard bulls because of animalistic controversies."

"For a great indolence and a monumental work, the tower of Ca La Trava vanished from Valencia.
                  Was of Calatrava a projected tower, which because of a trap was not realized.
                     That which was not planted, speaking ironically, this year we can contemplate, in front of the town hall."

boy looking upward

"Meanwhile, a child looks at the greatness of the work done wondering if he can bear this burden, with so many obstacles."

"On the great catwalk a row of obstacles presents us and reveals a lot of stumbling.
                      And because they can not say that salt is missing here, we propose to criticize it from beginning to end."

"And with the permission of the cycling lane we will make a cavalcade through the main streets of the surroundings."


"The cavalcade begins, with all normality, the police mounted by the center of the city.
Kindness of the artist, of wood are the horses. An animalist trap makes us take care of the details."

wooden horses

"Then the giants of the city of Valencia, today portraits, and dress reference.                       They are the last acquisition of the house of the Rocks, created for the occasion, will have obstacles ... and not few.
                         We will let the bike pass, which crosses the lane in the middle. Although that is the beginning, it seems that a thousand have passed."

firing bangers

The absurd pyrotechnic regulations:
"In the name of traditions we do things carefully and apply legislation according to reality."

man carrying water

L eternal problem of the water transfer for the irrigation of the fields:
                            "About water we will say what is so evident: with so many obstacles we know that we suffer 'trap'.                              It seems that the transfer more than a trap is a dam. I do not know how people are that who just look at the navel."

runner jumps over rails

The impossible theme of the Mediterranean Corridor:
                            "This hard runner does not stop jumping. It's disappointing to see him falling a thousand times.
                            The snail goes faster than the expected solution. Desperate career ..."

"The bike lane passes again. Excuse me, it's not an obstacle, only there is to count more meters than I thought."

Cardboard bull

Cardboard bull: "With a little color it will look like a cow. It takes humor to bring it to the bullring.
                            A cart we have proposed to make the Bulls to the Carrer, they will carry it dragged, a queue of festive.
                            Surely some clueless, that much attention does not lend, does not fall into the novelty, and enjoys the party more."

Farmer with oranges

Mercantilist intermediaries in the orange business:
                            "From the hands of the farmer to the store counter, and as he is the collector, the moneys is for him.
                            The art that has the intermediary none can match, without need of form, he makes the fruit pass.
                            And what about the orange? And with the fruit in general? Squeezed like a sponge without a commercial margin."

music bands

And the bands of Valencian music closes the parade:
                            "And as they see they are, thin as a cigarette paper. Luck that there is strength left for them to play and cheer.
                           With a rebellious spirit and struggling against the obstacles, they have invented a model and now they touch two sides."

music bands

"Now that there are grants, the musician can get together and create groups to defend themselves.
                            In the end, the classical band respects the tradition and, following the basic norm, makes in four the formation."

human tower

"There are positive barriers, those that unite and make a body. Proposals and initiatives made real by all."