Falla Antiga Campanar

"Eternal Seduction"

Artist: Julio Monterrubio.

Prize: 1st Special Section and 3rd of talent and grace

Cost: 175.000 Euros.

Height:22 metres.

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"A beautiful lady helped by her stylists seduces a wealthy gentleman. While he does the same with the lady.
Characters and situations in which seduction is the protagonist.".                          

"Characters and situations in which seduction is the protagonist, seducing or seduced: the first seduction (that of Adam and Eve), seduction canine, seduction by pornography ...
And other more everyday seductions, such as music or gym, that have a lot to do with fashions."

Monument explanation

"It is the story of seduction a game in the lost time where, counted and debated, it usually becomes champion who proves to be more astute."

Central body

"In the center of the monument we find a double seduction as the two have the illusion of experiencing it very intensely and being carried away by passion."

"She is an elegant lady who stands out with her beauty and with great delicacy, is exhibiting her charm, because she is also interested."

Top, stylists

"And all this is happening at the top of an immense dust where the makeup hopes to be able to change the semblane and look better"

"Inserso travels"

"If you want to find a sensual dance, great ally for seduction, like the tango there is no comparison to arouse the sexual instinct, so close and with so much friction"

"Dancing to the same beat we also find this pair; she wantos to go to Benidorm where the party has no failure and triumphs sangria and paella."

"In the trips of the third age the more mature love is born, as we can see in this old man who has fallen in wonder in the middle in the middle of the adjusted chest."

"And is that in the short distances (we could say, well close) is where they give better results the most delicate fragrances that leave us in love."

Old people dancing

"The inveterate romantic, has left aside the poetry and to be able to be up to date, has read this book full of fantasy."

"Seduced by whatsapp and curves"

"Without separating the view of the mobile goes the mother walking and the child demanding caution to the automobile or they will end up running them over"

"To such an extent we have been seduced Facebook, WhatsApp and others that from the distraction we have made an excess and have us hooked day and night, beyond what would be allowed."

"The curves of the road are dangerous at all times, but the ones that this girl treasures are seen in such a way that even the heart goes out."

"The best afro-disiacs"

"These black aphrodisiacs have left these fun women fused and fried, who keep an eye on a few 'packs' that go out of measures"

"In the world of food are the oysters and the spicy foods that go ahead if what you intend with seduction is to end up 'eating'."

"Porn scene"

"'Anniversary fucked' For not paying attention the woman is angry and here you have the result: instead of sleeping in the room, to the sofa with the dog and the cat!"

"A party with sex and passion is what he expected and has remained with his face stunned when he sees with resignation that tonight no longer f..."

Light version: A party with sex and passion is what he expected and has remained with his face stunned when he sees with resignation that tonight won't celebrate with cava."

"Porn scene 1: 'For not' ..give me nothing on my birthday. Scene 2: 'For not' .. take out the trash. Scene 3: 'For not' .. stop looking at our neighbor. Scene 4: 'For not' .. invite my mother to our vacation. Scene 5: 'For not' .. get out of bed when the child cries. Scene 6: 'For not' .. remember our anniversary. Scene 7: 'For not' .. to notice when I go to the hairdresser"

"Seduced by art"

"Next to this candy we find the 'guard jury' with the stick prepared, so you do not pass if you do not want to get scalded."

"The first seduction."

"The apple was only a pretext to seduce, but well expensive it came out. When he ate the whole fruit he began to suffer."

"There is the hardened and well planted snake because Eve dacnes boastful under the watchful eye of an outgoing Adan."

"Already in the earthly paradise was present the seduction, to bring into temptation a very visceral Adam, who made no reflection."

"Seduced by fallas."

"They observe the monument with their eyes full of hope, as they have the aspiration of picking up, when the time comes, the pallet with a good reward."

"Seduction in the cinema."

"Basic Instinct. A 'basic' and natural instinct changed the course of history when in a moment of glory the bird flew up excited and full of euphoria."

"The prehistoric Homo Erectus did not stand up by chance and here we have discovered the reality: It was at a time exultant and when seeing a hidden treasure."

Hardcore guy and busty girl

"The new weapons of seduction."

"A new weapon of seduction of the young boys is to take a shake and step on the gym a lot, to see who is the strongest."

"With boys, Botox and Silicone, are the resources used to leave men open-mouthed and have them shoot the hormone to the highest levels."

"Seduced by music"

"Directing the best orchestra and with an angelic heart, we find the musical seduction, which in the falla manifests itself with this great ensemble."

"Vienna is undoubtedly the capital where music sounds with emotion and we all fall in the seduction of that exceptional place where the notes are tradition."

"The master baton in hand, along with the voices of the children and the sound of the instruments, transports you to the afterlife with absorbing melodies."

"Canine seduction"

"Already to finish rounding this set so 'glamorous' each one takes his dog that are also intended to seduce with a fragrant smell."

"And is that the smell is fundamental in the world of canine seduction, because only smelling is guessed if the thing goes forward or is not very fine."

"The terrier uses Hugo Goss, an essence with a lot of cachet, which for men is very good, but the Afghan uses a perfume called 'O'dete'."

"'O'dete' with that dangerous name who does not master the French well can go off thinking that the love encounter has ended well the reverse."